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Plano Air Conditioner Repair Services

If you live in Plano, Texas, you know how brutal the summers can be here. You count on 24-hour air conditioning to keep your home cool and comfortable. So what do you do when you finally make it home on the Dallas North Tollway only to discover that your air conditioner is broken? You call Total Air & Heat for reliable, affordable AC repair in Plano! No matter what’s behind your ailing air conditioning unit, we can set it right. We’ve been servicing air conditioners in Plano since 1957, so you know you can trust us to deliver a job well done.

To schedule AC repair in Plano, please call Total Air & Heat at 972-881-0020 today!

At Total Air & Heat, we offer cooling repair services for central air conditioners, heat pumps, ductless mini-splits, and geothermal systems. Your home comfort is in good hands when you choose our specialists for the job! Whether you need a minor repair for a relatively new system or you decide to replace your aging equipment, we’ll ensure you receive a quality job at the best prices in Plano.

Signs You Need AC Repair in Plano

You should consider scheduling air conditioner repair in Plano, Texas if you notice any of these problems:

  • The AC won’t turn on: You won’t last long on a hot summer day in Plano if your air conditioner refuses to turn on!
  • The air conditioner runs, but doesn’t cool: If the unit runs constantly without lowering the temperature, it needs a repair—and fast! This problem can be caused by everything from a clogged filter to a thermostat malfunction to a broken condenser.
  • Your cooling bills are on the rise: You know you have an efficiency problem if your electric bills are twice as high as usual. A quick once-over from a Total Air & Heat technician can have a drastic effect on system performance.
  • The unit makes strange noises: If you notice loud or unusual popping or banging sounds coming from the AC unit when it runs, turn it off and call Total Air & Heat right away.
  • The AC is leaking: Water may pool around your air conditioning unit if the condensate drain is blocked or the evaporator coil freezes. Both problems require attention from a professional HVAC technician.
  • You experience comfort problems: Hot and cold spots and high humidity are comfort problems that often result from a malfunctioning air conditioner or leaky ductwork. Let us take a look so we can set things right.

Is an Air Conditioner Repair or Replacement the Best Option?

When your Plano air conditioner starts acting up, you have an important decision to make: do you pay to repair the unit, or do you throw in the towel and replace it? Seriously consider replacing your AC if it breaks down, and one or more of the following is true:

  • The unit is at least 10 to 15 years old.
  • An upcoming replacement is at or above 50% of the cost to buy a new unit.
  • You have repaired the AC once or twice already this season.

Contact Total Air & Heat for Air Conditioner Repair in Plano, Texas

When your Plano air conditioner isn’t working quite right, don’t put up with an uncomfortable home for another day! Trust the experts at Total Air & Heat to get your AC back up and running. We may also recommend an economical replacement so you can decide how you want to proceed. Either way, with 60 years of experience to back us up, you know Total Air & Heat is more than qualified to tackle the job in Plano, Texas.

Contact Total Air & Heat today to request air conditioner repair pricing in Plano!

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