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Air Conditioning Repair in Plano, Texas

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No matter what has caused your air conditioner to quit working, we can set it right with professional AC repair. We’ve been repairing air conditioners in Plano and North Dallas since 1957, so you can trust us with all your air conditioner repair needs!

We offer 24-hour:

Contact Total Air & Heat for air conditioner repair in Plano, TX and North Dallas!

Fast, Dependable Plano Air Conditioner Repair

An air conditioning problem can be stressful, even life threatening. With the heat our spring and summer seasons bring, you need reliable, effective, and prompt service that ensures perfect results every time. That’s why at Total Air & Heat, we bring you the best in comprehensive AC repair in Plano.

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Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repair

Call on our AC repair team in Plano when your air conditioner shows these signs:

Emergency AC Repair in Plano, TX

There is nothing quite like the Texas heat! You rely on your HVAC system to make sure you and everything you own don’t melt in the Southwest sunshine. When your air conditioner quits in the middle of the summer heat wave, have no fear! Total Air & Heat offers 24-hour emergency air conditioning repair!

Our team of professionally trained, certified repair specialists will be on the job and have you sitting breezy in no time!

Is your HVAC system having a fit? Call us today to schedule your emergency AC repair at 972-881-0020!

Why Choose Total Air & Heat for Your AC Repair?

When you hire the AC repair experts at Total Air & Heat in Plano, you get:

  • Professionally trained and certified air conditioner repair professionals
  • The right set of tools and techniques to get the job done effectively
  • A promise for fast, prompt service that meets your unique needs
  • Guarantees of perfect solutions the first time, and quality assurance on parts

Contact Total Air & Heat to Schedule a Repair Service

With more than 50 years of experience under our belts, we’ve seen every air conditioner repair scenario there is and guarantee a 24-hour response time anywhere in the Plano or Dallas, TX area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A frozen indoor coil indicates that the refrigerant level is low, or the air filter is clogged. In either case, the coil will get colder & colder until the condensation on the coil turns to ice. This condition can be very harmful to the air conditioner and is a common cause of bad compressors. In the event of a freeze-up, turn the system off. Check the air filter. If the filter is not clogged, the air conditioner probably needs service.

The current law prevents the use of R-22 in NEW systems after 2010. The law also caps production of R-22, and will result in higher prices as supply tightens. R-22 should be available to service your air conditioner for some time to come, but it may be time to replace your air conditioner.

Temperature variations from room to room result when ductwork is incorrectly sized. In some cases, our technicians are able to rework the duct system to improve airflow. Another solution may be to replace the windows in a hot room with Low-E glass or have the existing windows tinted. The reduced sun load will cool the room and save energy.

Compressors fail for a number of reasons. One of the most common is burnout. In this situation, acid and burnt varnish are distributed throughout the system contaminating the indoor and outdoor coils and the refrigerant piping. This acidic oil is very difficult and costly to clean-up and will contaminate and shorten the life of the new compressor.

In a burnout situation, we recommend replacing the entire air conditioner (indoor, outdoor, and piping) to ensure the long life and reliability of the new system. If the compressor failure is due to broken valves, lightning strike, etc., compressor replacement is a feasible option. A homeowner should then consider the current age of the system, the energy saved by a new high-efficiency AC, and benefits of a new system warranty.

The main difference is that the mini-split system does not contain ductwork. Each indoor unit is placed with the space you want heated or cooled, and it’s possible to add more indoor units if you make additions to your home or business. Each indoor unit contains a fan to control the airflow within its own space, and it’s therefore a good option to homeowners who only want a few rooms cooled or heated.

A conventional heat pump places the indoor unit (air coil) inside the ductwork, typically downstream from an existing furnace if it exists. The mini-split uses no ductwork at all and is, therefore, more energy-efficient since no air gets trapped in the ducts.

Geothermal cooling uses the temperature of the earth to cool your home. The upper 10 feet of the earth's surface holds a stable temperature between 50° to 61°F (10° to 16°C). Coils are buried underground to draw heat energy out of it and transfer the cool temperatures into a warmer area.

There are two methods geothermal cooling can use to cool a home—water-to-air systems or water-to-water systems. Water-to-air systems replace your central air conditioner by using a liquid coolant to transfer the energy into the air that can then be transferred into cooler air. Water-to-water systems use liquid spread throughout the building in pipes, keeping the area at a stable temperature.

There is no easy answer to this question. It all depends on the structure of your home, your location, and your personal needs. If you have an older home, you may not be able to install extensive ductwork, and so a ductless system may work best. If half your family likes their bedroom cool while the other half likes it hot, you may want to use mini-split systems so each room can be set to a different temperature. If you have a newer, larger home, a central air conditioner may be the most efficient system for you to install.

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