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Ductwork Installation in Dallas & Plano

Although choosing a new air conditioner or heating system might be more exciting than your ductwork, both are equally important to maintaining the efficiency of your home’s HVAC system. Not only that, but properly installed ductwork helps to improve your home’s indoor air quality! Don’t let an unqualified company do an inadequate job installing the ductwork in your Dallas area home. Ensure peace of mind with Total Air & Heat’s trained ductwork professionals.

For ductwork installation in Dallas, Plano, or the surrounding Texas area, contact Total Air & Heat today!

Why Replace Inefficient Ductwork?

Duct installation involves the strategic placement of ductwork under floors, behind walls, and inside attics. Duct installation involves the strategic placement of ductwork under floors, behind walls, and inside attics. Ductwork winds throughout a home directing air flow to registers and vents, distributing temperature controlled air. Air ducts supply fresh clean air to every room in your home and if they’re leaking or need repairs they can’t do that. If your heating or air conditioning system is less effective than you’d like it to be, leaky ductwork might be to blame. Total Air & Heat is happy to inspect your Dallas area home’s duct work. If we notice areas that could use replacing, we will let you know right away! We don’t want your home to be leaky air any longer! Once your ducts are sealed, your rooms will be more comfortable, your energy usage will decrease, and your HVAC system won’t have to work so hard—extending its lifespan.

But it isn’t enough to “just install” ductwork—it is just as important to install it correctly and ensure it operates smoothly and efficiently. Leaky ductwork can account for huge energy losses. A simple leak in your ducts can send your utility bills through the roof! So get the installation done right the first time.

Maybe your ducts don’t need replacing—we also provide air duct cleaning which can greatly improve your home’s HVAC systems!

Benefits of Properly Installed Air Ducts

Don’t cause yourself costly issues later down the line. Hire an experienced ductwork installation company, like Total Air & Heat, when you need new air ducts. Our installation process is top notch, so you can rest easy knowing you have ductwork professionals on the job.

Benefits of new, properly installed ductwork include:

  • Improved health – Leaky ductwork can cause harmful fumes, chemicals, insulation particles and dust to leak out into your home. Many people suffer from allergies or asthma because of this. Replacing or repairing your ducts will eliminate all of these harmful particles from leaking out into your home.
  • Increased safety – If your ductwork is not sealed properly, combustion gases from your home gas equipment (stoves, furnaces, water heaters, fireplaces, etc.) can flow back into your home instead of outside. These gases include carbon monoxide, which is completely odorless and invisible and can cause death. With new ductwork, you can rest assured that all harmful gases are directed outside your home.
  • Reduced costs – Leaky ducts allow heat to escape, making your heating system work harder. A properly sealed duct system saves money and lowers your energy bills.

For high quality air duct installation in the Dallas, Plano, and the surrounding Texas area, contact the experts at Total Air & Heat.

Air Duct Installation in the Dallas, Texas Area

Whether you’re starting from scratch or need your leaking air ducts replaced, you can count on the experienced team at Total Air & Heat for ductwork installation in the Dallas, Texas area. For over 50 years your Dallas area neighbors have trusted the Total Air & Heat team to provide them with trustworthy and dependable ductwork services.

We pride ourselves on customer service, so call us at 866-442-2821 when you’re ready to schedule ductwork installation!

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