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Why Is My Boiler Leaking Water?

Posted on: November 28, 2016

Has your boiler in Plano sprung a leak? This can be a really stressful issue for many homeowners. Wondering what sprung a leak and how to handle it? The experts at Total Air & Heat have you covered!

Our certified boiler repair and boiler service team has been handling boiler leaks and other complications that can arise with a boiler system for decades. When our clients in Plano and Dallas have an issue, they always know who to call! We can bring you the best solutions and services, guaranteed.

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Pressure: Your Best-Case Scenario

First off, we can potentially give you some good news. Absolutely all boiler systems, new and old, make use of a pressure-release mechanism. This is a pipe connection that, as a normal function of your boiler, occasionally drips water. It does this to normalize pressure in the boiler, maintaining appropriate pressure levels for operation. Many homeowners mistake this for a leak, as the pressure-release often dribbles a bit of excess moisture every now and then.

It’s a very sound idea to look up your specific boiler model and locate this pipe connection. Identifying it can allow you to know when your system is working just fine, and can help you avoid a costly repair call. That said, the amount of water released should be very little, so if it begins to drop a lot of standing water, go ahead and contact a professional.

Problems that Need Professional Repair

There are quite a few issues that can make a boiler system leak. Luckily for you, we’ve seen and fixed them all! Keep an eye out for these common boiler leak causes, and if you spot one, give us a call:

  • Rust and corrosion. Rust and other forms of corrosion are an unfortunate circumstance brought on by older boilers, or ones that are not consistently maintained. The good news is that you can usually spot this right off, as pretty much everyone knows what rust looks like. The important thing is to contact a pro right away!
  • Loose components. If your system appears to be rust-free, but you’re still getting smaller leaks around joints and seals, odds are something has just come a bit loose or the seals have worn in places. These are pretty easy fixes for an expert, and won’t cost you much at all. Trouble is, they’re kind of hard to spot for your average homeowner.
  • Cracks and dents in the tank. These forms of damage are very easy to notice. And the bad news is that they will almost always result in needing a boiler replacement. There are some cases where a crack can be repaired, but it’s sort of rare, and requires you to catch the crack or dent very early on.
  • Poor services. Has your boiler system been installed or replaced very recently, and you’ve already got a leak going on? It’s sad to say, but your installation specialist might have done a sub-par job! Incorrectly sized or hastily installed boilers can leak for sure. Luckily, this is actually pretty easy to fix, and doesn’t often require a total re-installation.

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