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Do I Need to Schedule a Heating Tune-Up?

Yep, summer’s still here. And it’s likely that the last thing on your mind is the state of your heating system. But believe it or not, fall is right around the corner here in Plano! Yes, the time for some relief has been a long while coming this year, but it is coming. And once it’s here, we’ll be facing the winter stretch soon enough. Is your heating system ready?

At Total Air & Heat, we always make it the top priority to bring our consumers the best services and solutions possible. So why do we bring up furnace maintenance in the middle of summer? Because preemptive tune-up services can save you a lot of stress, time, and even money!

If you’re ready to schedule a heating system check-up, give your local heating experts at Total Air & Heat a call at 972-881-0020 or contact us online.

Should I Get a Fall Tune-Up?

Short answer? Yes! The longer answer requires a bit of reading, but we’ll try to keep it light and fun. Basically, fall maintenance is so important because it offers you the most advantages possible for routine care. Maintenance is always the best way to improve efficiency and maximize comfort in your Dallas home. But sometimes when can nearly be as important as what.

Fall takes advantage of the fact that you aren’t actually using your system yet. This means no uncomfortable down time, and more importantly, it means you’ll be absolutely sure that your furnace will be ready to roll when winter comes around.

Think about that first really, really frigid night. You go to turn on the furnace, and what do you get in return? Sputters. Odd sounds, maybe. And suddenly you’re cold, mad, and paying for totally avoidable repair services! By getting fall furnace maintenance, you’re absolutely sure you can handle anything the latter months have to throw at you.

What Are the Benefits of a Fall Tune-up?

So what all can a tune-up do for you? Quite a lot! We often call it one of the most useful services available from HVAC companies and we’re really not exaggerating. With a tune-up, you can expect:

  • More comfort at less cost. A system that gets routine tune up services is one that will work better, work more effectively, and use less energy to do it. This means you pay less for monthly heating, and get more comfort at the same time!
  • Less frequent repairs. You are many, many times less likely to encounter breakdowns, component failure, air flow problems with regular maintenance. Primarily because a tune-up addresses these problems before they become problems, providing you with a much stronger system that is far less likely to bust down on you.
  • Better system lifespans. When you take care of things, they last longer. Simple as that! Many of the issues that can cause a need for replacement can be abated, and you’re just much more likely to get the full fifteen, twenty years you want out of your system if you’re getting regular tune-ups.

Dallas & Plano Furnace Maintenance Experts

Don’t neglect your Texas home’s heating system—without proper maintenance, you might experience a midseason breakdown that will leave your family in the cold. Maintaining your furnace now can prevent expensive repairs in the future.

Avoid unexpected furnace problems! Contact Total Air & Heat to sign up for our maintenance heating plan, RESA! Our technicians are all NATE-certified and required to attend a minimum of two manufacturers’ training schools a year. We pride ourselves on customer service, so call us at 972-881-0020 when you’re ready to schedule furnace maintenance!

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