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Is Your HVAC System Ready For Hurricane Season?

Here on the northern side of Texas we rarely need to worry about taking the brunt of a severe or even small hurricane. But at the same time these tropical cyclones can have a fairly notable impact on the weather even up this way, and hurricane season can often mean rough storms and unpredictable weather. Is your home and HVAC system prepared to take on anything that might make its way up to Dallas?

Preparing for Hurricanes in Your Dallas Home

Before we even touch on anything HVAC related, our team wanted to impart some basics of home preparedness. Most residents in our area will know most of this quite well, but it’s an important topic and has a strong bearing on your safety, so it’s worth taking the time to mention!

Be sure to have these in your home:

  • Emergency non-perishable food supplies.
  • Large quantities of bottled or tanked fresh water.
  • Emergency medical kits containing sterile bandages, pain relievers, burn ointment, antiseptic, and vitamins.
  • At least 2 dependable battery-powered flashlights. Don’t use candles, and be sure to check the flashlights every couple of months.
  • A battery-operated radio with frequencies for emergency broadcasts on hand.

Also we would like to note that in the event of dangerous weather you should never come into contact with pools or puddles of water if at all possible. You never know what can be hiding an exposed live wire or cable, and these present a very real risk of harm.

Preparing Your HVAC System for Stormy Days

All in all there is little to do for your heating and cooling systems, but even these small steps can help you return things to normalcy as soon as possible after the storms pass. For a more complete solution we would urge homeowners to take advantage of a home generator system to retain safety and comfort!

Getting your system ready for a storm includes:

  • Ensuring you’ve had maintenance recently. A system that is in peak condition will deal with the sudden rush of high winds and abrasive materials far better.
  • Acquiring a tarp or other hearty weather coverings. If a storm is imminent then covering your system can reduce the risks of very costly and stressful HVAC damage.
  • Knowing how and be ready to shut down your system. Familiarize yourself with how to cut power to your system, and if a storm strikes do so both at the unit itself and at the main breaker. This can reduce the risks of electrical damage and lessen electrical risks to your health and home. (This advice should apply to all home appliances and electrical in dangerous weather!)

Residential Heating & Air Conditioning Services in Dallas & Plano

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