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How to Improve Indoor Air Quality This Winter?

Posted on: January 17, 2017

When you think of winter, what sort of challenges come to mind? Slick roads, maybe, or ways to keep your home warmer. But do you ever give much thought to air quality? If not, you certainly should! Most folks indeed consider the spring to be one of the biggest contenders for bad air conditions, but that’s actually not entirely true.

Want to find out how to give yourself better, more breathable air this winter season? The experts at Total Air & Heat are here to provide some indoor air quality tips and ideas that will help you out!

Winter & Air Quality Challenges

Ever wondered why folks get so sick in the fall and winter months? It actually rarely has anything to do with the temperature! The issue is more commonly air quality. This stems from the fact that when winter hits, we tend to close up shop. You get no fresh air while your home is in lockdown, but dust, dander, smoke, and allergens all still accumulate. This piles up over time, and the result is some nasty, musty, and hard to breathe air.

Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

So what is the “secret” to better air? There really isn’t any secret at all. In fact, many of them are just the process of forming good habits, being aware, and learning things. Here are some quick and easys you can perform all on your own to keep air quality higher in your Plano home:

  • Please, change your air filters. We mention this one pretty frequently, but it’s really just that important. Your furnace filters tons of dust and debris, but once the filter is gunked up, all of that mess is going to collect in the furnace itself, and eventually find its way into your ducts. Filters in the Dallas area should be changed every three months at a minimum, and every two for optimal results.
  • Pay particular attention to your floors. It’s not that often that you really think about your home’s carpet and flooring, is it? But give it a real solid thought for a moment. That floor picks up everything, and unless it’s being cleaned routinely all of the gunk it collects is going to be regularly cycled around your home. Rent a carpet cleaner, do some mopping, and throw in some dusting while you’re at it. You’ll be able to breathe the difference, we guarantee it.
  • Let your home breathe. Every now and then we get a pretty agreeable afternoon, even in the winter months. Take advantage of this! Throw open your windows, flip on your ceiling fans, and just give your home a minute to air out. This can really do wonders for your mood, too!
  • Clean your vents. Changing your filters routinely will handle a lot of the circulated mess in your home, but it still won’t get everything. Check your vents routinely for caked on dust and remove it. You might be surprised by just how much gets in there, and how often.

Assessing Your Air Quality With IAQ Testing in Plano

The best way to tackle pretty much any problem is to learn as much as you can about it. And this is where our experts come in! Air quality testing can help you learn exactly what kind of challenges your home faces. And when the testing is complete, our experts can recommend a game plan to help you permanently solve your air quality problems, no matter the season! Contact us today to learn more.

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