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Standard, Ductless, or Geothermal: Which Heat Pump is for you?

So, you’ve decided a heat pump installation is the right choice for heating your home this winter season. Only there’s one problem: No one told you there were so many types of heat pumps! From standard (air-source) heat pumps to mini-split units, and even geothermal heat pumps, all offer certain advantages. So which one is the right choice for you? Primarily it comes down to suiting your needs, and meeting your goals.

Standard Heat Pumps

These are commonly called “air-source” heat pumps, and are the most often encountered type. In a bare-bones explanation (it can get a little complicated in the details), this type uses its fuel to extract the heat from air surrounding the system, converting into gas that is used to heat your home. Standard heat pumps, just like any other type, are very efficient, helping you to reduce utility costs while providing excellent heating. Standard systems work best for homes that:

  • Lack current heating systems. Ductwork is necessary, meaning these don’t play well with existing systems.
  • Are seeking more efficient heating. Heat pumps are excellent for reducing the cost of warming your home.

Ductless Heat Pumps

Ductless (mini-split) heat pumps provide heating for your home without the aid of conventional ductwork. They use a central unit that provides heat; this heat being transferred throughout your home by smaller conduits installed throughout your home. These provide an excellent solution for homeowners looking for more individual room control, or homeowners that need augmentation for existing systems. These types work best for:

  • Homes needing more flexibility. Heating individual rooms gives you greater control, ensuring that rooms you want kept warmer than others have the means of doing so.
  • Homes that lack ductwork. Mini-split systems don’t depend on them, so there’s no worry there.
  • Homes that cannot support other types of heating. If there are rooms in your home where ductwork is unfeasable, mini-splits are the perfect solution.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

Geothermal heat pump systems have been around for over forty years, and for very good reason. these work by siphoning the thermal energy underground, where temperatures remain constant regardless of location or time of year. This allows them an even greater efficiency than their peers, by an astounding margin. They are a bit pricier overall, though this cost is easily mitigated in savings over time. Geothermal systems work best in homes that:

  • Require large amounts of heating. That increase in efficiency pays dividends quickly in a demanding home.
  • “Green” homes. Geothermal systems are highly noted for being eco-friendly.
  • Aesthetic minded homes. If the idea of a big bulky outdoor unit bothers you, geothermal systems are entirely underground!

Dallas Heat Pump Installation with Total Air & Heat

Still having trouble choosing the heat pump installation that is right for you? Contact the professionals at Total Air & Heat today! Our certified specialists can help you choose the system that suits your unique needs, and our work is guaranteed!

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