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Gas Boiler Services in Dallas & Plano, Texas

A gas boiler in prime condition will keep your Plano or Dallas area home warm and comfortable throughout any winter Mother Nature throws at it. Whether your gas boiler is fueled by natural or propane gas, the experts at Total Air & Heat can bring this important piece of equipment back up to par or help you choose a new upgrade or replacement model.

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Gas Boiler Services

Keeping your gas boiler operating at peak performance saves you money and inconvenience. Malfunctions or breakdowns are an inconvenience at any time, but particularly frustrating during cold winter months. When your gas boiler needs repairs, the premium service you expect from Total Air & Heat will be there. For nearly 60 years, our company has offered area homeowners the highest levels of expertise in maintenance services, gas boiler repair and installation for all models and makes. Call us anytime if you have or suspect you have any of the following problems:

  • No heat or hot water: Potential causes can include issues with the thermostat, broken airlocks or diaphragms, motorized valve failure, or low water levels.
  • Leaking and dripping: Several issues could cause your boiler to start leaking water, including a broken internal component such as a pressure valve or pump seal or pressure valve, corrosion or a badly fitted component.
  • Strange noises: Air in the system is typically the most common cause of a noisy system, although it can also indicate low water pressure or potential pump failure. Pump failure is normally most common in older boiler systems.
  • Losing pressure: If the pressure in your boiler drops too low, it can easily cause a malfunction in your central heating system. This problem is commonly due to a water leak in the system, or a failed pressure relief valve.
  • Boiler switches itself off: This problem can be caused by thermostat failure, low water pressure, a failure of the pump to circulate water through the system properly, or a lack of water flow due to a closed valve.

Choosing a Replacement Gas Boiler

Total Air & Heat will help determine whether it’s time for you to replace your existing boiler, and how to choose the best boiler options for the heating system in your Dallas or Plano area home. We know the importance of exactly fitting a new boiler into your home’s heat distribution system. It’s the best way to guarantee comfort, energy savings and maximum efficiency.

All of your replacement boiler options will take the following information into consideration. We’ll also explain the benefits of including additional features with your new system, including outdoor reset controls and an indirect water heater for an abundant supply of hot water.

  • Standard gas boiler: If you’re replacing an older gas boiler, chances are that you own a conventional system that incorporates a boiler and hot water heater. This traditional system distributes heat throughout your home using hot water, which travels through radiators or baseboard units.
  • Steam boiler: While these systems are rarely used in new homes, they’re still in use in many older homes. As water is boiled, steam moves heat through the house, which then condenses back into water as it cools.
  • Condensing boiler: These systems are highly energy efficient because they’re able to provide ample heat for a home heating system while operating at lower temperatures.
  • Combination (Combi) gas boiler: This boiler is a space-saving unit which is gaining in popularity across the country. The major difference between a combination gas boiler and other models is that a combi eliminates the need to store hot water. It’s both a high-efficiency water heater and heating boiler contained within one unit.

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Are you considering installing a gas boiler in your Dallas home? Is your current unit on its last leg? If you’re looking for boiler services, you should consider your monthly bills, how old your existing boiler is, and how reliable it is. If it’s obvious your boiler is at the end of its life, save yourself the hassle of paying for continuous repairs and go ahead and get a boiler replacement—you’ll have to eventually get one anyway, and the sooner you do, the more money you’ll save! If your boiler is relatively young, our boiler technicians can repair and restore it!

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