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Central AC Repair in Dallas & Plano

We rely heavily on our central AC units here in Texas. The sheer heat and humidity we deal with on a day-to-day basis requires a unit that is in top shape to combat triple-digit temperatures. The professionals at Total Air and Heat are here to handle all of your needs for central AC repair in Dallas. We offer top quality service and cutting edge technology to ensure your complete satisfaction with our work, and we never rest until a job is done right.

Whether you’re just in need of a simple annual checkup, or a complete central AC repair or replacement, our experts can offer everything you need. With over sixty years of excellent service, we are confident in our ability to assist you in any way! Contact us today!

Common Signs That Your Central AC Unit Needs Repair in the Dallas Area

Central air conditioning units are pretty good about telling you exactly what the problem is, should one come up. All you need to know is how to interpret the sounds or visual signs it will display when the unit isn’t at its best.

Some signs your central AC needs repairs are:

  • Poor quality cooling. If your unit is blowing air, but the air coming out isn’t quite cool like it should be (or is downright warm), you may have one of two issues. This could be caused by a clogged or old air filter, which is an easy fix. We recommend you check your filter monthly during peak months. This problem could also be caused by low refrigerant. If your filter is fine, but your air is still warm, contact a professional to handle the refrigerant in your unit. Refrigerant should never be handled by anyone but a professional, as it can be fairly hazardous if not taken care of appropriately.
  • Undue noise. Beyond the normal sounds your unit produces through normal operation, you may note a few sounds you don’t want to be hearing. A loud clank, bang or clink could be a loose component in your unit. This can cause a number of very big problems, and should be addressed immediately.
  • Squealing. A squealing sound during operation may indicate a damaged belt. Damaged belts should be replaced as soon as possible, because if they break completely you’re looking at doing without your central AC for a day or two.
  • Pooling. This may be water from your unit freezing up, or it could be a refrigerant leak. Either issue warrants the work of an expert, as they can be signs of bigger problems.
  • Frequent cycling. If your unit kicks on and off often, it may be having trouble keeping up with its workload. This could be due to an inappropriately sized unit (both too small and too large are problems!), clogs in the filter or coils, or grime buildup in components.

Central AC Repairs in Dallas & Plano, Texas

If you suspect you may need central AC repair in the Greater Dallas area, contact the experts at Total Air and Heat today! Letting seemingly small problems get by can lead to issues that warrant more than a simple repair. We would urge homeowners to get a checkup at least annually, and definitely before peak summer months hit. If you have any questions about AC repair, or need information regarding other heating and cooling issues, contact us online!

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