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24-Hour Emergency Air Conditioner Repair in Plano & North Dallas

Air conditioner problems are never good news, nor are they going to wait for a “convenient time” to show up. But not all problems are exactly the same, and many are far more problematic than others. Do you have an air conditioning issue in your Plano or Dallas home that is keeping you from being comfortable? If so, you don’t just need repair—you need emergency AC service!

Our certified and licensed emergency AC repair team is available any day, at any hour to meet your needs with complete service solutions. We place your comfort above all else and strive to bring priority service that gets you back to comfortable as soon as possible. For 60 years, we’ve been the best in the business, and we stand ready to help you out, no matter your needs.

Need emergency air conditioner repair in Plano or North Dallas? Contact our emergency AC service team today!

24-Hour Emergency AC Repair Services

Our spring and summer seasons build up heat in Dallas homes within minutes, making access to reliable air conditioning absolutely vital. When something goes amiss, you need repair service from professionals that carry the skill, experience, and tools needed to provide you with fast, accurate solutions.

Total Air & Heat brings the best in the business to provide your service. Our emergency service team has seen and repaired it all, from air flow issues to a complete system replacement! We provide complete repair service for all major cooling systems, including:

When Is My AC Repair an Emergency?

If it’s hot and your system cuts out completely or can’t meet your cooling needs, we’d call that an air conditioner emergency! Many of the most notable emergency service calls we handle are:

  • Sudden loss of home cooling. When your system decides to go kaput, it often does so on the hottest day of the season. You need AC repair services and you need them now!
  • Hot spots or high humidity. If your home is experiencing hot spots or it is unusually humid in your home, it is a sign that the system is failing to operate at its full potential or that it is beginning to fail. Call now for fast solutions.
  • Electrical problems. Breaker trips and buzzing noises from components—these are common electrical issues, but they indicate a very serious issue. Left alone, your system is almost certain to fail, and it may even present a health and home hazard.
  • Loud air conditioner noises. Bangs, clanks, squeals, and screaming are all common indicators of components that have taken on considerable damage, or that have come loose. This issue often leads to other components becoming damaged as a result, so be sure to call for service right away.
  • Acrid odors. The smell of burnt wiring is a strong and distinct one, and if you’re smelling it when your AC kicks on, you’ve got a major and dangerous issue on your hands. Cut off power to your air conditioner and call a professional. This can be very dangerous and can result in an electrical fire if not taken care of quickly.

Call Total Air for Emergency AC Repair in the Plano & Dallas at 972-881-0020 

When your air conditioner isn’t doing its job, you can trust the experts at Total Air & Heat to make it right. With more than 50 years of experience under our belts, we’ve seen every repair scenario there is and guarantee a 24-hour response time anywhere in the Dallas, TX area.

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  • I have used Total Air & Heat for quite a number of years and I have never been disappointed. They have always worked with me to find a convenient time for the service, as I work full time. It is a pleasure doing business with them.

    R. B. Sharker, Plano Texas
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