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Thermostat Options in Dallas & Plano

Our goal at Total Air & Heat is to keep you and your family comfortable in your Dallas area home no matter the weather outside. The easiest way to maintain your home’s comfort level is with a thermostat. But choosing the best thermostat for your home can be overwhelming because of the variety of options. At Total Air & Heat, we want to make the process as pain free as possible and are more than happy to help determine the best thermostat for you and your family.

If you’re ready to be in control of your heating and cooling systems in the Dallas and Plano area, call Total Air & Heat today at 972-881-0020.

Non-Programmable Thermostat

If you’re not a technical savvy person or you spend majority of your time in your home, a non-programmable thermostat could be the solution for you. A non-programmable thermostat is exactly that—a thermostat that you cannot program for specific times or days. Most models will have an LED screen displaying the current temperature of the home and have buttons to increase or decrease the temperature.

If you’re someone who doesn’t like any fuss and don’t mind pressing a button and waiting for your home to heat up or cool down, this type of thermostat might be the best option for you—and Total Air & Heat can install one in your home!

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Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is ideal for people who are out of their home for extended periods of time. While your home is unoccupied, the thermostat will automatically set itself for a more efficient temperature during those times, allowing you to save money. Programmable thermostats are customizable and allow you to set different temperatures for:

  • Different times of day
  • Different days of the week
  • Vacations and time off
  • Different temperatures that your family prefers

At Total Heat & Air, we install programmable thermostats that allow you to control your home’s temperature on the go, all while saving you money on your monthly heating bills. Contact us today!

Touch Screen Thermostat

Interested in installing a programmable thermostat but looking for a cleaner design? Install a touch screen thermostat in your Dallas area home. The lack of buttons reduces the chance of pressing something you didn’t mean to which can be really annoying if a program gets messed up! Although touchscreen technology has many benefits, make sure you choose your model carefully. Some touch screen thermostats are not designed with large fingers in mind and others use complicated interfaces so it’s hard to easily choose which option you would like.

Our team at Total Air & Heat can help you determine the best touch screen thermostat option for your Dallas or Plano area home!

Wireless Thermostat

Although one of the more expensive options, a wireless thermostat provides you with a sense of freedom in your home. You will no longer be chained to the thermostat on the wall. Programming your thermostat can be made even easier and more effective by controlling your thermostat from your smartphone, computer, iPad, or tablet. Installing a programmable thermostat and linking it to your mobile device or tablet gives you:

  • Remote access to control your thermostat no matter where you are
  • Free mobile apps from leading manufacturers like Honeywell and Lennox
  • Alerts of unusually high or low temperatures
  • Reminders when it’s time for air filter replacements
  • Vacation settings for when you are out of town
  • Display customization
  • Complete compatibility with almost any system
  • Weather alerts for your Dallas area neighborhood
  • And more!

If you want the option to access your HVAC system when you’re not home, a wireless thermostat is definitely worth thinking about. Contact Total Air &eat to learn more!

Install a Thermostat in your Dallas & Plano Area Home

At Total Heat Air, we install multiple types of thermostats so you can choose the best option that suits your lifestyle. Whether you want to control your home’s temperature on the go or you’re looking for a more simple solution, we can help you determine the best fit. Ultimately, you want to get a thermostat that will give you settings to help you save money. If you’re ready to improve your home’s heating and cooling, give our heating and cooling experts a call! We’ve been serving Dallas, Plano, and the surrounding areas since 1957.

Contact or call Total Air & Heat today at 972-881-0020 to install a non-programmable, programmable, touch screen, or wireless thermostat in your Texas home!

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