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Wireless Thermostat Installation in Dallas & Plano, Texas

As HVAC technology has advanced over the years, the industry has striven more and more to provide homeowners with solutions that increase comfort, efficiency, and performance, while also adding a measure of convenience. Thermostats, in particular, have seen huge leaps in technology, with offerings such as WiFi (or “wireless”) thermostats.

At Total Air & Heat, our team is dedicated to providing you with industry leading HVAC solutions and services. We offer wireless thermostat installation to all of our clients, bringing you the best modern tech has to offer with an accessory that can help you gain even greater levels of comfort and control in your home!

Interested in learning more about wireless thermostats, or ready to gain the advantages of going wireless for your home in Dallas or Plano? Contact our certified technicians online today, or give us a call at 972-881-0020!

Wireless Thermostat Installation in Dallas

Wireless thermostat systems allow for much more freedom and control when it comes to your Plano air conditioning and heating system. These smart home solutions can be linked directly to applicable devices, including smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other devices, giving you total control over your Dallas area home’s HVAC system at the convenient touch of a button.

Though you might consider these to be a bit more of an investment than other, simpler systems they also provide you with a wide variety of unique benefits! At Total Air & Heat, our team has specialized training geared toward helping you get the best thermostat product for your home, and we can offer top-class installation services that will seamlessly integrate your new wireless system with your Plano home’s AC and heating systems.

Set your thermostat with ease by installing a Wi-Fi thermostat in your Dallas and Plano area home! Contact our certified technicians online today, or give us a call at 972-881-0020.

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The Benefits of Wireless Thermostats

So what all can this bit of advanced technology do for you and your Plano home? How about:

  • Added convenience. Though this is the obvious advantage, it can’t be overstated how handy it really is! Forget to turn down the furnace as you left for work? No problem—adjust the thermostat from your smartphone! With automatic shutoff routines, programmable settings, and even more, keeping comfortable in your Dallas home has never been easier.
  • Energy savings. Wireless thermostats can be programmed with set routines that mold over time into meeting your needs better, helping to exact comfort levels in your home in ways that have the least overall impact on your monthly heating and cooling costs. This level of accuracy can come right back to you, in the form of lower monthly utility costs.
  • Monitoring and reports. Wireless systems are equipped with the ability to report temperature trends in your home, humidity levels, and the current high and low points of your home energy usage.
  • Alert systems. When humidity levels get too high, or temperatures begin to fluctuate too much, you’ll receive alerts that can help you know when you need to call in a professional for service.

Wireless Thermostats in Dallas & Plano

Our goal is to keep you and your family comfortable in your Dallas area home no matter the weather outside. The easiest way to maintain your home’s comfort level is with a thermostat. But choosing the best thermostat for your home can be overwhelming because of the variety of options. Allow our team to help determine which Wi-Fi thermostat is the right choice for setting your Plano air conditioner and heater.

If you want the option to access your HVAC system when you’re not home, a Wi-Fi thermostat is definitely worth thinking about. Contact Total Air & Heat to learn more—or give us a call at 972-881-0020!

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