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5 Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioning

Ductless air conditioning systems have come a long way from the borderline novelty they once were. Modern tech has made these systems into some of the most beloved and now frequently used cooling systems in Texas homes. But what makes a ductless cooling system so great? What happened that transformed them into the modern cooling powerhouse they are today? Total Air & Heat is here to talk about the benefits of going the way of ductless!

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The Advantages Offered by Ductless AC in Texas

Back in the 70s, ductless systems were little more than glorified icebox fans and really only found niche use. But the industry’s push for finding more energy-efficient options, combined with modern AC advancements, have transformed these once “meh” options into cooling powerhouses. Ductless has gained considerable popularity over the last decade, and now they’re one of the nation’s favorite ways to keep cool.

Ductless systems can benefit you by:

  • Saving you cash—and in more than just one way! Ductless systems utilize zoning, meaning you can cool areas of the home independently utilizing separate thermostats and assemblies. This makes them exceptionally efficient, saving you on cooling costs. Not to mention you get to skip out on the cost of installing ductwork, which is a big enough save all in its own.
  • Offering flexibility and versatility in design. Ductless indoor units are quite small, allowing you to mount them along walls, near floors, or even on the ceiling. That offers a lot of space saving and aesthetic benefits, but that’s not all. By not needing ducts these systems can also be installed in places no other cooling system can reach!
  • Improving the quality of your air. In order to keep themselves free of clogging contaminants ductless systems have been developed with superior multi-stage filtration systems built right in. And you get to benefit from it just as much as the AC. These filtration systems catch dust, dander, mold, pollen, and even more, helping keep our Texas air quality in check.
  • Keeping the peace in your home. Are you driven insane by the endless drone and roar of central systems and heat pumps? If so, you can breathe easy and cut down on stress with a whisper-quiet ductless cooling system. Because they are installed directly in rooms tons of technology and research has gone into developing the quietest systems on the market.
  • Providing quick access to superior cooling. When you need an AC installation in Plano or Dallas you need it. Now! And with a ductless system you’ll get it—often on the same day. To a professional these systems are a cakewalk, allowing us to have them installed and optimized with excellent speed. No more waiting on service and duct construction. Just cool air and a much more comfortable summer!

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