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Air Conditioning & Heating Services in Carrollton, TX

When your heating and cooling systems aren’t at their best, there’s only one company you need to call — Total Air & Heat! Guaranteed to get you the most out of your HVAC systems, we’ve been providing top-notch services throughout Northern Texas for over 60 years. Whether you need replacements, repairs, or maintenance for your HVAC system, our experts are here to help. We offer residential and commercial HVAC services.

Keep your HVAC system in top shape with Total Air & Heat! Call 972-881-0020 today or contact us online to schedule a service.

Our HVAC Services

With so many makes and models, we understand that no two HVAC systems are identical. That’s why our team regularly participates in factory training to ensure that, no matter what heating and cooling systems you have, our experts will always know how to handle any problem. At Total Air & Heat, we provide comprehensive HVAC services, covering everything from heating and cooling to indoor air quality services.

Need HVAC services right away? Our team is available 24/7 to help! Call 972-881-0020 to request emergency services!

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Heating Services in Carrollton

While Texas is known for its blistering summers, the winters can be pretty chilly, too — averaging between 35 and 50 degrees! That can feel pretty brisk when you’re used to the nearly year-round warmer weather. That means you don’t want to wait until your furnace is out of commission by the time winter comes around. That’s why we’re here! At Total Air & Heat, we offer heating services including: 

Furnace Repair

If you’re noticing signs like inadequate heating or abnormal noises and smells, your furnace is likely in need of repairs. When issues with your furnace are left unattended, it could cost you more in energy bills and result in needing a replacement.

Furnace Installation & Replacement

If you’ve had your furnace for more than 15 years, you may notice that it’s no longer operating as well as it should. That’s because the average life span of a furnace is about 15 to 20 years. Once it’s nearing the end of its life, you’ll want to replace your furnace and upgrade to a newer, more efficient model.

Furnace Maintenance

After 10 years, your furnace will have gone through normal wear and tear, which leads to reduced efficiency over time. Routine maintenance is key to keeping your furnace running smoothly and prolonging its life span.

Stay warm all winter long with heating services from Total Air & Heat! Contact us online to schedule a service or call 972-881-0020.

Air Conditioning Services in Carrollton

An underperforming air conditioner can make a serious dent in your wallet! When your air conditioner isn’t working as well as it should, it means it could be working harder with little output. This can lead to a spike in your energy bills. Our experts at Total Air & Heat have the knowledge and expertise to handle any issue with your AC. Our air conditioning services include:

AC Repair

In the middle of a Texan summer, it’s 95 degrees and you have the AC blasting, but no matter how high it is, you’re noticing your home isn’t getting any cooler. This is a common sign that your air conditioner needs repairs.

AC Installation & Replacement

Upgrading to a newer model can give you high energy efficiency, meaning more savings on your energy bill.

AC Maintenance

Routine maintenance helps you catch problems before they become severe, reducing the possibility of needing repairs. Plus, it extends the life of your current air conditioner.

Is your home feeling hot, no matter how high you set your AC? We can help! Call 972-881-0020 to schedule a repair or maintenance service with Total Air & Heat.

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Heat Pump Services in Carrollton

Heat pumps are a great solution for getting the best of both worlds, providing both heating and cooling. They provide high-efficiency cooling in the summer and heating in the winter, making them a more effective option than furnaces and air conditioners alone.

Heat Pump Repair

Abnormal noise, frequent shutting down, and higher-than-usual energy bills indicate that your heat pump needs repairs.

Heat Pump Installation & Replacement

If you’re looking to trade in your AC and heating units for an all-in-one system, our team of experts can install a new heat pump.

Heat Pump Maintenance

As with any HVAC system, keeping your heat pump running smoothly and efficiently depends on scheduling routine maintenance and tune-ups.  

Looking to upgrade to an all-in-one heating and cooling system? Call our experts at 972-881-0020 to see if a heat pump is right for your home.

Carrollton Indoor Air Quality Services

Your HVAC system is directly connected to the quality of your indoor breathing air. At Total Air & Heat, we offer comprehensive indoor air quality services to keep you and your loved ones breathing happy and healthy. Our technicians are experienced in providing indoor air quality services.

Duct Cleaning

Over time, airborne contaminants can accumulate in your ductwork, spreading throughout your home as your HVAC unit circulates air. The team at Total Air offers comprehensive duct cleaning services that you can trust to remove unwanted contaminants from your home’s air supply.

Air Purifiers

The two main types of air purifiers are single-room and whole-home air purifiers. Depending on your home’s needs, the professionals at Total Air can help you decide which type is best. Both types of air purifiers use various methods to clean the air in your home, including UV lights and different types of filters.

Breathe cleaner, healthier air with indoor air quality services from our professionals! Call 972-881-0020 or contact us online to schedule a service.

Why Choose Total Air & Heat?

When you need an HVAC contractor for your Northern Texas home, the team at Total Air & Heat has it all! Whether you’re experiencing a broken air conditioner, a failing furnace, or more, we’re always available to help and can handle any job. For over 60 years, we’ve provided exceptional customer service throughout the North Texas area. Call today to schedule an inspection.

No job is too big or small for our technicians at Total Air & Heat! Call 972-881-0020 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

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