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Top-Rated Heating Services in North Dallas

HVAC technician testing furnaceA reliable, energy-efficient heating system is the key to staying comfortable and cozy no matter what Texas winters may bring!

Total Air & Heat in Plano, TX, has provided residential and commercial heating services in North Dallas for more than six decades. With all that experience under our belt, we know the key to a comfortable home or workspace is a reliable, energy-efficient heating system.

Our services include:

in an emergency? 24/7 emergency service available

The Choice for 24/7 Emergency Furnace Repair in North Dallas

You never know when your furnace will break down and you’ll need heating repair service. At Total Air & Heat, we make it easy to get the heating repair service you need so you’re not left in the cold!

Whether you need minor repairs, complex troubleshooting, or total furnace replacement, we’ll take care to ensure the best quality job is done for the best deal in town. Regular heating system maintenance is necessary to make sure everything is running properly. Fixing a small problem with your heating system now prevents it from becoming a larger problem down the line, saving you time and money.

For 24/7 emergency furnace repair in North Dallas, reach out to Total Air & Heat at 972-881-0020 or contact us online!

Signs You Need Heating Repair

  • It isn’t providing sufficient heat: Paying for heating that doesn’t cut it can be one of the most frustrating things for a homeowner. Instead of grumbling and hoping it gets warmer in your home, call Total Air & Heat to have a professional examine the root of the problem.
  • You have high energy bills: If you notice your HVAC bills creeping up when your usage is the same, you should call a local Dallas furnace repair company to inspect your system and provide heating repairs.
  • You hear loud or odd noises coming from your heating system: While heating systems do make some noise, banging, hissing, or popping noises aren’t normal. Call a Dallas furnace repair contractor to investigate the problem.
  • Your home is unevenly heated: If one room is piping hot and another is ice cold, you may need to get your ducts inspected. There could be a possible airflow problem, which can be easily remedied by one of our Dallas heating contractors.
  • It’s blowing cold air: If it’s not producing any heat, you should call a technician right away to service your heating system. It could also be a problem with your thermostat or time to upgrade to a digital one.
  • You and your family have noticed a decrease in air quality: We specialize in Carrier brand heating systems, and we will ensure your heating system is running properly and producing healthy heat. Carbon monoxide leaks are one danger of letting your furnace go too long without being serviced, so if you or your family begin feeling ill, call a specialist right away.

If you have noticed any of these problems — don’t wait! The team at Total Air & Heat can get your heating system up and running in no time.

Call Total Air & Heat at 972-881-0020 or contact us online to schedule your furnace repair in Dallas.


Working on furnace

Furnace Installation in Dallas & Plano

The day your new furnace or heating system is installed is arguably the most important day of your equipment’s service life. That’s because proper furnace and heating system installation can ensure that your system works efficiently and correctly from the start.

At Total Air & Heat, we’re skilled at providing first-rate heating installation in Dallas and Plano. No matter what brand or type of heating system you choose, our reputable Dallas furnace installation company can get your new system flawlessly installed so it operates perfectly from day one!

Don’t forget to check out our reviews and industry awards to see why we’re one of the most trusted heating companies in the Dallas area!

in an emergency? 24/7 emergency service available

Furnace Replacement

The time will come when your furnace just doesn’t cut it anymore. Maybe your heating bills have skyrocketed, the rooms in your Dallas home are heating unevenly, or your heating system has stopped working altogether.

Whatever the case, it might be time to consider a furnace replacement in your home in the Dallas or Plano area. Our team will never push you into a furnace replacement if the problem can be resolved with a fast and efficient furnace repair. We keep your best interests in mind throughout the entire process and make recommendations that best fit your unique situation.

Call Total Air & Heat at 972-881-0020 to schedule furnace replacement service in Dallas today!

Heating Maintenance & Tune-Ups in Dallas, TX

When the cold weather arrives, you probably find yourself bundled up in your warm and cozy home. It’s true that no one wants to be stuck in a cold, unheated home in the heart of winter, but that can happen if you don’t properly maintain your home’s heating system.

When you choose Total Air & Heat for Dallas furnace maintenance, you can rest easy knowing you have a skilled technician checking every inch of your system. Our technicians are all NATE-certified and required to attend a minimum of two manufacturers’ training schools per year.

We make it our mission to find and address any issue with your heating system that could leave you in an uncomfortable situation this winter.

Energy savings circleEnergy savings circle

  • Professional maintenance scheduled for you
  • Reducing the chance of your system breaking down
  • Prolonging the life span of your system
  • Saving on utility and repair costs
  • Protecting your system’s warranty

in an emergency? 24/7 emergency service available

Furnace Financing for Plano and Dallas Homeowners

Getting a new heating or cooling system is a great thing — except it can cause a lot of financial stress. With Total Air & Heat, this doesn’t have to be the case. We proudly offer comprehensive financing options to help manage a payment plan for your new unit.

A system breakdown is an unexpected life and financial event, so you can rest assured that Total Air & Heat will provide a helping hand when it comes to paying for it.

Call Total Air & Heat today at 972-881-0020 to learn more about our financing options!

Frequently Asked Questions

in an emergency? 24/7 emergency service available

The Best Furnace Services in Dallas & Plano

When the winter weather is upon us, you need a reliable heating system that will maintain the comfort levels in your home. Total Air & Heat’s Plano-based heating services team works hard to ensure you and your family remain comfortable all winter long.

We guarantee a 24-hour response time anywhere in the area and guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our work!

For reliable Dallas heating services like furnace installation, furnace replacement, furnace maintenance, and furnace repair, you can count on our top-rated heating contractors.

If you run a business in Dallas/Plano, contact our commercial HVAC contractors for furnace services.

Need professional furnace services? Call our heating contractors at 972-881-0020 for top-rated heating services in Dallas and Plano, Texas.

in an emergency? 24/7 emergency service available

See Why Dallas & Plano Homeowners Love Total Air & Heat

“I am very impressed and highly recommend Total Air and Heat. Christian, their technician, arrived on time and got right to work. He has a great attitude, is very friendly and thorough in his work. I am very appreciative of Christian and Total Air and Heat for all they have done for us.” – Patrick S.

“Total Air and Heat were referred by a neighbor. I have been extremely impressed with the level of professionalism of this company. The salesman measured the area that would be cooled/heated and came equipped with the computer software to verify tonnage needed and complete a bid on the spot….no delay in waiting for that information. I was also pleased that the company is of adequate size to handle the installation with their own employees. The small A/C company that handles my routine maintenance would have subcontracted the installation and I think that adds a confusing layer to the warranty and perhaps comes with added cost. Total Air and Heat installed a superior system for very little added cost over the first bid I received. As an accountant, I was super impressed that my payment (check) was placed in a tamper-proof envelope in my presence by the head installer. I’ve never seen that from a service provider… so professional!” – Kathy M.

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awards & community involvement

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