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Furnace Installation in Plano & North Dallas

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Although Texas is known for its hot and humid summers, that doesn’t mean we don’t experience the frigid weather as well. Come winter, your Plano-area home needs an energy-efficient furnace to provide warmth and comfort no matter how low the temperatures drop. Without one, you might find yourself piling on layers of blankets in an attempt to stay warm.

Whether you’re replacing an existing furnace or installing a new heating system, Total Air & Heat is the company for you. We will match you with the Carrier heating system that has the capacity, energy efficiency, and price to suit all your wants and needs.

We’ve offered unparalleled furnace installation in the Dallas and Plano areas since 1957, so you can trust us with all your furnace installation needs.

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Upgrade to a New, Efficient Furnace Today

Although often out of sight and out of mind, your home’s heating system provides reliable warmth to your family. It’s likely your furnace won’t even be on your mind — until the day it stops operating at peak performance.

If your home’s furnace is more than 10 to 15 years old, consider installing a new, energy-efficient heating system you can rely on through the winter by calling a skilled Dallas heating contractor for furnace installation.

Contact Total Air & Heat at 972-881-0020 for reliable, top-rated Dallas furnace installation.

What To Expect When Replacing a Furnace in Your Dallas Home

Total Air & Heat abides by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America’s HVAC Quality Installation Specification, which helps ensure your Dallas furnace installation goes perfectly. Correctly installing a furnace can reduce your home’s heating and cooling costs by up to 30%!

Without a correctly installed furnace, you may have airflow problems, chamber problems, and insulation problems that allow heat to escape.

Following these industry best practices helps ensure your new furnace is:

  • Correctly sized to meet your home’s needs
  • Connected to a well-sealed duct system
  • Operating with sufficient airflow in the system
  • Installed with the proper amount of refrigerant
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How To Tell if Your Furnace Needs To Be Replaced

If you’re unsure whether you need a new furnace, you’re not alone. It can be confusing, especially if you inherited it when you moved into a new Texas home. If you know your furnace is at least 10-15 years old, it’s worth having a Dallas heating contractor inspect it.

Typically, you should replace your furnace every 15-20 years or when it exhibits any of these signs:

  • Several repairs are needed every season. If you need more than two furnace repairs in any season, you need a furnace replacement. Even if you’ve had repairs at any time in the last two years, you should consider an upgrade or new furnace installation.
  • Your heating bills are going up. Despite fuel costs steadily rising year over year, your heating bills shouldn’t creep up that much. If you notice a large increase, you need a new furnace.
  • Your gas furnace flame is always yellow. If it never turns blue, even after cleaning, you need to call a Dallas heating contractor to take a look.
  • You notice a reduction in air quality. If you or your family have noticed a decline in air quality in your Plano area home, it could be your furnace. When your family’s health is at stake, it’s always best to play it safe and install a new furnace.

If you need your furnace replaced in Plano, reach out to Total Air & Heat at 972-881-0020 or contact us online!

Contact Total Air & Heat To Schedule an Installation or Get an Estimate in Plano

When considering a new or replacement furnace, it’s best to factor in your monthly bills, how old your existing furnace is, and how reliable it is. If it’s obvious your furnace is at the end of its life, save yourself the hassle and expense of continuous repairs and get a new furnace — you’ll need to eventually get one anyway, and the sooner you do, the more money you’ll save.

Contact Total Air & Heat today for a quote on new furnace installation in the Greater Dallas area, including Plano!

Furnace Installation FAQs

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