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UV Lights for IAQ in Dallas & Plano

Over the years, HVAC technology has been making big moves to aiding in the prevention of common air quality issues. Why? Because air quality issues have a demonstrable impact on both your health, and the health of your system itself. Prevention is the key to reducing repair costs, improving efficiency, and ensuring your investment is protected for as long as possible.

Out of all the technologies pursued to perform this function, one of the most effective, proven methods is the use of UV light installation in your HVAC system. These solutions provide peerless air quality and sanitation results, and total Air & Heat is proud to provide for your UV light installation needs in Dallas!

Interested in learning more about UV lights for your HVAC and air quality needs? Contact the certified experts at Total Air & Heat today! You can set your appointment online, or reach us on the phone at 972-881-0020.

How UV Lights Work for You

The application of UV light to reduce contaminants and bacteria has been in use for years now. You can see the technology present in everything from fish tanks to food service, employed to ward off mold growth, bacteria, and common contaminants. Even hospitals utilize UV light to avoid the circulation of harmful particles and to take advantage of its germicidal properties.

The wavelength of UV light used to remove these harmful substances (specifically UV-C) has the ability to break down germs and other biological hazards that are common in the everyday household. They achieve this by breaking down the nucleic acids present in bacteria and mold, thus keeping these contaminants out of your air, and out of your HVAC filtration system!

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Is UV Light Dangerous?

Not at all! UV-C (the shortest wavelength of UV radiation—the longer forms being UV-A and B) is completely safe to humans. The radiation can’t even penetrate the upper layer of your skin. The light is only harmful to small-scale biological pollutants. The only negative result that could even be feasible is a sunburn, and that would require hours of direct skin exposure (which will never happen with HVAC UV lights), and a much larger light than an HVAC company would install.

What Are the Benefits of a UV Light Installation?

UV technology has a demonstrable and proven impact on:

  • Reduced presence of mold. Mold often takes hold of HVAC systems, introducing harmful spores to your air, and reducing the lifespan and effectiveness of your system. UV light removes this concern, eliminating the possibility of mold in your system.
  • Better energy efficiency. With less contaminants and mold in your heating and cooling system, you can expect much better overall efficiency and lower monthly costs!
  • Less recurrence of colds, flu, and similar illnesses. Common illnesses often self-perpetuate. Ever noticed that if one person in your home gets sick, everyone else does too? Your HVAC system can work against you here, recirculating viral and bacterial particles. UV light can mitigate this problem, leading to possible better recovery times and less illness.
  • Reduced odors and VOCs. Chemicals and unpleasant odors generated by general living can create a huge nuisance in your home. A UV light can reduce odors and eliminate the cause.

The real beauty of a UV light installation in Texas is that our climate is perfect for them! UV works best in higher humidity, making it an excellent solution for your Dallas home. Keep in mind that UV light does not reduce dust and particulate allergens. It is best used not as a standalone air quality solution, but in conjunction with air purifiers and similar systems.

Indoor Air Quality in Dallas & Plano

Indoor air quality is a major concern for homeowners throughout Dallas, Plano, and the surrounding areas. Because of this, Total Air & Heat provides UV lights to assist with improving your home’s air quality—making it safe for you and your family to breathe easy!

Contact Total Air & Heat to learn more about how your Dallas area home could benefit from UV lights.

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