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Why Is My Air Conditioning Unit Spitting Water? Causes and Solutions

Water leaking from the air conditioner drips from the cooler.

You may wonder why your AC unit is spitting water and whether it means something serious is wrong. If you find yourself frequently mopping up indoor puddles around your air conditioner, you should look into the cause to see if you need professional AC unit repair. It’s important not to let this situation get worse to prevent damage to your home’s floors and to your AC system.

There are a few common reasons for AC water leakage. They include faulty AC installation, clogged drainage lines, leaking evaporator coils, plugged air filters, low refrigerant levels, frozen evaporator coils, or a drain pan issue. A qualified technician can troubleshoot the problem and restore your air conditioner to normal operation.

Signs You Need AC Unit Inspection

Your AC unit needs to be checked thoroughly by a technician from Total Air if you notice indications of trouble like water puddles around the unit, reduced cooling efficiency, strange noises, uneven cooling, warm air coming out, if your energy costs have suddenly risen, or the AC produces insufficient cool air.

One of the seasoned professionals from Total Air can address these issues. We have the expertise and technology to diagnose your AC problem and get you and your home comfortable again!

We’ll arrive at your door speedily and resolve the cooling issue to your complete satisfaction. Total Air has decades of HVAC experience to our credit, so we bring exhaustive knowledge of residential cooling systems to each job we handle. “We’re Not Comfortable Until You Are!”

Our AC Unit Inspection and Repair Services

Homeowners in Plano, TX, and the surrounding area rely on us for a prompt response, including 24/7 emergency service, plus accurate diagnosis and repair of their AC issues.

Coil cleaning

Coil cleaning twice yearly is a key aspect of your AC’s upkeep. We’ll remove any debris that could impact its functioning.

Drainage system inspection

Our technicians check the overflow and drain pans for mold, holes, cracks, and other signs of wear and aging.

Refrigerant level check

We make sure that your AC system has the optimum amount of refrigerant to keep it running smoothly.

Thermostat repair and replacement

Having a thermostat that works correctly helps maintain the temperature you want in your home. Let us inspect it and handle any thermostat repairs or replacements, so your AC gets its job done!

Capacitor Repair

A capacitor is critical to keep an air conditioner’s outdoor fan and compressor going. The Total Air team can repair it if it fails.

Why Choose Total Air?

We are recognized and respected experts on residential HVAC. Total Air was founded in 1957, and since then, our reputation for honesty, integrity, and fair pricing has steadily grown. Our awards and testimonials confirm the dedication of our team and the consistent quality of our work. We offer great financing options and specials that our customers appreciate.

Contact us today to schedule an AC unit inspection and repair service and restore optimal cooling performance to your home!

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