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Air Purifiers for Your Plano or Dallas Home

The importance of indoor air quality cannot be overstated. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air pollution can be up to 5 times worse than outdoor air pollution.

For Dallas, TX, this number is much higher, which is why we’re on a mission to get air purifiers into more of our customers’ homes. 

We offer several different air quality services, including air quality evaluations, if you want to know how dirty your air quality may be. We can also answer some frequently asked questions about air cleaners.

If you’re ready to breathe cleaner air, contact Total Air at 972-881-0020 to install a new air purification system.

Different Types of Air Purifiers

There are two main types of air purifiers: single-room and whole-home. Each type has benefits depending on your home’s needs and is an excellent addition to your current HVAC setup.

Single-Room Air Purifiers

Single-room air purifiers are smaller devices that work in a limited amount of square footage. This could be an ideal solution if you spend more time in a single room than the rest of the house.


  • Less expensive
  • There is no need for installation
  • Capture some contaminants in the air
  • Portable — can be moved from room to room 


  • Less effective overall
  • Need more than one in a large area to keep the air clean
  • Particles in other rooms can contaminate the air
  • Must run continuously for optimal results

An air quality monitor at a residence shows that the air is clean

Whole-Home Air Purifier

Whole-home air purifiers work with your existing HVAC system to clean the air before it is pushed through your ducts and into your home. These devices are larger and better at catching a significant amount of pollution.


  • Much more effective at capturing contaminants 
  • Filter the air for your entire home
  • It causes less disturbance and noise
  • It can be combined with our other indoor air quality technologies, such as UV lights, to truly clean your air.


  • Requires more upkeep
  • Requires professional installation
  • It can be more expensive

If it’s time to upgrade your air quality in Plano and or Dallas, contact Total Air & Heat! Our experts have decades of experience and can meet all your air quality needs!

The Technology of Air Purification

Because of significant advancements in air purification technology, almost every air purifier has similar methods. The aim is to improve air quality and individuals’ health by removing particulate matter from the air before you breathe it into your body.

Single-room and whole-home air purifiers use a variety of methods to clean the air, which can include:

  • UV lights: Ultraviolet lights can kill bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens.
  • HEPA Air Filters: High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters trap tiny particles, including dust, pollen, pet dander, and bacteria.
  • ULPA Filters: Ultra-Low Penetration Air (ULPA) filters are denser than HEPA filters and are 99.99% effective at removing particulates from the air.
  • Ionic Filters: Negatively charged ions are sent into the room’s surrounding air, causing contaminates to settle onto nearby surfaces where you can wipe them up.
  • Mechanical Filters: Captures particles in filter materials. HEPA filters are considered mechanical filters.
  • Electrostatic Filters: Electrostatic air filters are like magnets for dust and other particulate matter floating in the air.

Refresh your home’s air by installing a whole-home air purifier. Call 972-881-0020 to get started today. 

Choosing the Right Air Purifying System for Your Dallas or Plano Home

There are many factors to consider when choosing an air purification system for your home. Choosing an air purifier that is too small for your home won’t allow you to reap the benefits of consistently clean air.

You might need a whole-home air purification system if you are a family:

  • With kids
  • With pets
  • With elderly individuals living with you
  • Where at least one member has asthma or other type of respiratory illness
  • Living in a big city or near a freeway
  • With a large home

However, not every home calls for a whole-home air purifier. You may benefit from single-room air purifiers if you are a family:

  • Who has recently downsized to a smaller home
  • With no significant allergies or other health issues
  • Looking to be healthier while still saving money
  • Living in an apartment building or other rental home

For more help deciding between whole-home and single-room air purifiers, call Total Air & Heat today at 972-881-0020

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