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How To Reset Your Carrier AC System

One of the first questions your HVAC contractor may ask you when you request air conditioner repair is whether you tried resetting your system. Like many other home appliances, AC systems can benefit from a hard reset, quickly regaining full functionality after this simple troubleshooting technique.

In this article, Total Air & Heat helps Carrier air conditioner owners troubleshoot their systems with a hard reset. Knowing how to reset your Carrier air conditioner is a great skill to have handy when your equipment experiences a sudden failure or malfunction. Read on to find out why you might need to reset your AC and how you can master this troubleshooting technique on your own!

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Why Reset The AC At Your Plano Home?

The most common reason for needing to reset your Carrier air conditioner is when the protection circuit breaker in your unit renders your system unresponsive. This usually occurs when there’s been a power outage, and the surge protector steps in to prevent against fire or explosion.

Another reason you may need to reset your Carrier AC system is when your air conditioner only blows warm air — even when the thermostat is set to cool. In many cases, this is due to a thermostat error that can be resolved through a hard reset of your air conditioner.

Resetting Your Carrier AC: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Learning to reset your air conditioner is an easy task and one that will prove invaluable throughout system ownership. Here’s how to do it safely and effectively:

Step 1: Power Down the AC

Before you attempt to reset your air conditioner, it’s essential that you first power it down. Power off your Carrier AC by flipping the breaker in your electrical panel that powers your unit. Be sure to also turn the air conditioner’s power switch off before continuing to the second step.

Step 2: Find the Reset Button

Next, locate the reset button on your Carrier air conditioner. You can always refer to your user’s manual to find the exact location of your unit’s reset button. In most cases, this small red button can be found inside the air conditioner’s compressor.

Step 3: Hold the Reset Button

Once you’ve found the reset button, you’ll need to hold it down for at least three seconds. Then, press and hold the button down once more for an additional three to five seconds.

Step 4: Wait for System Reset

After you’ve held the reset button down, flip the breaker in your service panel back to the on position and ensure your air conditioner’s power switch is also in the on position. Wait for power to be restored to your unit.

Step 5: Verify Unit Is Operational

Remain near your air conditioner to verify that the system is operational after completing the reset. You can even try lowering the temperature as a test to ensure all technical errors have been resolved — especially as they relate to inaccurate thermostat readings.

Step 6: Call Total Air & Heat For AC Service in Plano

Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer badgeIf you still have technical difficulties after resetting your Carrier air conditioner, there may be a greater issue at play. As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, Total Air & Heat is proud to service all Carrier air conditioning systems, offering the top-quality cooling solutions that families have trusted since 1957. We offer 24/7 emergency AC repair services throughout the North Dallas region, helping families restore cooling comfort to their homes when it counts the most.

Request same-day air conditioning repair for your Carrier system by contacting Total Air & Heat at 972-881-0020 today!

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