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Thermal Imaging in the Dallas & Plano Area

Is your home’s HVAC system performing inefficiently? How can you determine if your home’s air ducts are leaking? Total Air & Heat has the solution—thermal imaging! By viewing your Plano area home’s interior and exterior, including the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, we can use the power of thermal imaging to help identify issues that may otherwise go undetected, such as:

  • Moisture intrusion
  • Electrical issues or hot spots
  • Missing or inadequate insulation
  • Heating and air conditioning system problems
  • Mechanical and plumbing issues

Call Total Air & Heat at 972-881-0020 to learn if thermal imaging can help improve your Dallas area home’s efficiency—while reducing your monthly energy bills!

When Should I Schedule a Thermal Imaging Scan?

If you’re trying to determine whether you could benefit from thermal imaging, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is my home dusty? Are my air vents filled with excess dust? A leaky home or duct system can fill your home with excess dust and dirt. Not only does this impact the air quality of your home but can cause asthma or allergy problems as well.
  • Are rooms heating or cooling unevenly? Do you blame East or West side exposures or your air conditioner for inconsistently hot or cold rooms? There could be another issue.
  • Have my energy bills drastically increased? Leaking ducts, doors, windows, or poor insulation can account for more than a 30 percent increase in utilities! Don’t let your hard earned money fly out the door.
  • Are there water stains on the walls or floors? Do you have stains from water leaks or think you may have a leak but are hesitant to tear up the walls and floors? Thermal imaging can help.

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you will benefit from having a thermal imaging scan performed in your Dallas or Plano area home.

Contact us to schedule a thermal scan appointment! We will send out a certified thermal imaging inspector to scan your home without any destruction and will offer solutions to problems found—resulting in peace of mind!

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Schedule a Thermal Imaging Scan in Dallas & Plano

When your home’s systems aren’t operating at peak efficiency, our team at Total Air & Heat will do whatever it takes to bring them back to maximum effectiveness. With thermal imaging, our thermal scan inspector will be able to diagnose your problems on the spot and provide knowledgeable solutions on how to resolve any issues you may be experiencing in your Dallas area home.

Call Total Air & Heat at 972-881-0020 to learn if thermal imaging is the solution you and your family have been looking for to maximize efficiency in your Dallas area home!

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