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Benefits of an End of Season Tune-Up

That winter chill is running off in a hurry, and in its place comes the warmth of a deceptively sultry spring. It won’t be long now before you shut down your furnace for a good long hibernation. But before you do, there are some things you may want to attend to, including getting a professional end-of-season furnace maintenance service.

At Total Air & Heat, our certified team is dedicated to providing you with superior solutions, as well as some quality information. Want to know what needs to get done before you put your furnace down to rest for the season?

Contact Total Air & Heat online today to reserve a date for your maintenance service in Dallas, Plano, and the surrounding areas!

Why Do I Need End-of-Season Maintenance?

Essentially, it’s all about preservation and preparation. When the next cold spell rolls around, you want to be absolutely sure your heating system kicks into gear without a worry or hiccup. And to get that, the best way is to take care of business now, so you can have all of the good heating service you need later. Here’s what needs doing:

  • Replace your air filter. Dust might as well be synonymous with sunlight here in Texas, and your air filter can attest to that readily. Swap out your filter now to prevent all of the debris it has accumulated from forming into thicker clots that can do serious harm to your system at the end of this year.
  • Dust off the system. Thick coats of dust not only reduce the efficiency of your furnace, but can lead to complications in the system itself—as well as present a fire hazard! For the best results next year, be sure to keep the system clear of funk and junk.
  • Clear your outdoor unit. We wouldn’t recommend covering it, though we know it’s tempting. But a covered outdoor unit makes for an appetizing nest for critters, and you definitely don’t want a nest in there when you kick the furnace back on. Just give it a good brushing with a stiff broom, and you’re good to go.

These should all be taken care of just as soon as you retire your furnace. But beyond these, there’s a more important task to be done.

Schedule End-of-Season Maintenance in Plano!

There is absolutely no replacement for professional tune-up and maintenance services. When you call on our certified maintenance team, you can be sure that when winter strikes again, you’ll be getting the most efficient, effective heating your system can provide, no question about it.

Why do it now, rather than in the fall? Well, to be completely honest, we’d do both. At the end-of-the season, your furnace basically ran a marathon. It’s tuckered, and needs professional care to avoid developing complications over the coming months. But those months are long, and getting the care again in the late fall ensures you don’t get any breakdowns throughout the winter.

It’s all about that preparation we were talking about before. A maintenance service is super cost-effective, especially when compared to an emergency repair service!

Dallas & Plano Furnace Maintenance Experts

Don’t neglect your Texas home’s heating system—without proper maintenance, you might experience a midseason breakdown that will leave your family in the cold. Maintaining your furnace now can prevent expensive repairs in the future.

Avoid unexpected furnace problems! Contact Total Air & Heat to sign up for our maintenance heating plan, RESA! Our technicians are all NATE-certified and required to attend a minimum of two manufacturers’ training schools a year.

We pride ourselves on customer service, so call us at 972-881-0020 when you’re ready to schedule furnace maintenance!

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