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How to Determine You Need Furnace Repair

We have a ton of experience handling furnace systems and troubleshooting problems…so we understand very well that it’s not always an easy choice for a homeowner to decide to call in for repair! Many of us would rather avoid the cost. That’s why today we want to delve into the common signs of a furnace problem that requires professional service. We want you to be able to easily differentiate between a common sound or action and one that needs our help, so follow along!

When you need professional furnace repair services you can contact Total Air & Heat of Dallas at any time.

Ask Yourself These Questions to Determine Whether or Not You Need Furnace Repair

Is the furnace keeping me comfortable? Above all, a furnace is there to keep your home cozy in foul and frigid weather. If it’s not doing its job, it’s time for repair service. Otherwise you’re just tossing cash out the window and feeling like a human popsicle!

Can my current problem wait? Some furnace issues, like a minor dip in performance, can be addressed by a standard service or routine furnace maintenance. Others can be a much more right now kind of thing.

Is the problem frightening? It might seem silly, but when it comes to furnaces, there are things to be afraid of. Gas furnaces carry a risk of leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning, electrical systems can lead to electrical fires and shock. If the problem you’re having is bizarre or scary, that’s when you want a pro on the way immediately.

Keep an Ear & Eye Out for These Common Dallas Furnace Problems

In the event of a furnace problem, time is often the difference between a simple furnace repair and a complete furnace replacement. If you notice any of the following, it’s time to give Total Air a call:

  • Rises in energy or fuel costs. Our heating costs tend to fluctuate a fair bit throughout the season. Colder nights and cold snaps mean the furnace has to work harder, and thus use more resources. But if you notice really bizarre spikes, like 20-30% hikes in costs, then something is wrong.
  • Loud, persistent, or weird noises. Unusual sounds make our list of “emergency” issues because they usually mean a major part or component is in jeopardy. Loose or damaged equipment in a furnace can cause a lot of trouble, and if left alone can lead to needing a complete system replacement.
  • Unusual odors. Musty odors on occasion aren’t all that strange, though they might be a sign you need furnace maintenance. The smell you should be most worried about is the smell of natural gas. Sulfurous, ‘rotten egg’ sorts of smells mean it’s time to shut down the gas furnace and call an expert immediately.  
  • The furnace is leaking. What was once kind of a niche issue has become more common with modern high-efficiency electric furnace units. Systems that use a dual filtration method can generate moisture if there’s an issue in the heat exchangers, which can lead to moisture damage and electrical hazards.
  • The unit is blowing cool or cold air. While a wide range of issues can cause cool or cold air to blow, it’s not a problem you want to ignore. Beyond the possibility of a bigger issue at hand, it’s just not acceptable (or comfortable!) for your furnace to fail to do its job.

Call Total Air & Heat for Superior Furnace Services

Dealing with any of the above issues, or just currently uncomfortable and not sure what to do? Give our certified and licensed heating experts a call today, or drop us a line online! We’re always glad to help, and we’ve been proudly serving Dallas clients for decades. When you need assurance and warmth in your home, we’re the team that can get it to you on time and at a cost you can feel comfortable with!

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