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How Often Do I Need to Change My Furnace Filter?

When you kick on the furnace to fight off that Plano night chill, you’re looking for dependable relief. That wonderful, soul-warming heat that sinks right down into your bones. And to get it, you probably made a point to get the right furnace installation to meet your needs. But as many of us know, that’s not really the end of the story, is it?

To maintain dependable and high-quality heating, certain maintenance tasks have to be performed on a routine basis. And that’s what the experts at Total Air & Heat are for! Our certified HVAC specialists have all of the tech and knowledge to ensure your system is ready to meet all of your heating needs with our comprehensive furnace maintenance. But did you know there are some things you can do all on your own to maximize your system’s performance and effectiveness?

Why Are Air Filters Important?

Think about your sink for a moment. When the drain trap gets gunky and full of food mess, water doesn’t drain very well, does it? It’s very nearly the exact same thing when it comes to your furnace’s air filter! Except your HVAC system uses electricity, and it will use a lot more of it to get the comfort you want when air flow is bad.

This is why changing your air filter is one of the absolute most important things you can do on a routine basis. Clean filters mean clean air, both for you, and for your furnace. Changing your filter on a regular basis means:

  • Higher quality heating
  • Lower energy costs
  • Better air quality
  • Less chances of repairs and breakdowns

Yes, it’s that important! And the great thing is it takes like, no time at all.

How Often Should I Change My Air Filter?

There’s not exactly a solid “rule” for how often a filter should be replaced. It depends on a lot of factors. Do you have pets? Is your home large or small? How many people live there? The list can go on. But if you’re looking for a loose estimate, every one to three months is a good idea. We’d honestly really recommend monthly—air filters aren’t expensive and they take less than a minute to change out.

This goes doubly so because of our location. Dallas and Plano tend to be a bit dusty and musty, even in the winter and fall months—and fall is a mess for those with allergies. Because of this, air filters are all the more important, because if you fall behind, you might be noticing a lot more dust around your home.

And if you’re looking for even more efficiency and air quality, opt for pleated or polyester air filters instead of the standard fiberglass. They last longer, have a better MERV rating and provide you with even more air quality control.

Dallas & Plano Furnace Maintenance Experts

Don’t neglect your Texas home’s heating system—without proper maintenance, you might experience a midseason breakdown that will leave your family in the cold. Maintaining your furnace now can prevent expensive repairs in the future.

Avoid unexpected furnace problems! Contact Total Air & Heat to sign up for our maintenance heating plan, RESA! Our technicians are all NATE-certified and required to attend a minimum of two manufacturers’ training schools a year. We pride ourselves on customer service, so call us at 972-881-0020 when you’re ready to schedule furnace maintenance!

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