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HVAC Tips for Thanks giving

With the holidays in swing, many of us will soon be enjoying the true tastes of the season. Turkey, cranberries, and endless desserts abound, and we’re ready to dig in! But holidays can also bring some unique strains to a homeowner in Plano, not the least of which being finding ways to cope with those burgeoning energy bills.

Busy, bustling homes use up tons of power, and the load can really punch a hole in your wallet. But worry not, Total Air & Heat has your back, and we come to you today with some quick and easy ways to keep those Thanksgiving energy costs down to a manageable level!

Looking for more energy-saving methods to help you this holiday season? Contact the certified HVAC experts at Total Air & Heat today to get your winter season furnace maintenance in Plano!

Thanksgiving Energy Saving Tips

All of these tips are simple, quick, and can save you tons on your energy bill all season long:

  • Temperature control. If you plan on having a big gathering at your home this season, go ahead and drop your furnace’s temperature setting by a degree or two. With so many people present and so much cooking happening, your home is already going to be warmer than usual, so you can really take advantage of that. Remember that each degree represents anywhere from six to 12 percent more energy used by your HVAC system!
  • Be an efficient cook. Whether you’re preparing turkey or ham (a debate for another day), plan on cooking other dishes in the oven at the same time. Being efficient with your oven use can reduce cook times and drastically reduce the amount of power you use up when cooking.
  • Be a staunch door guard. Tons of guests are certainly fun to have around every now and then, but be mindful of how much coming and going there is going on in your home. Every time a door is opened to the outside, you’re losing heat, and your HVAC system is having to work harder to keep up.
  • Take advantage of your dishwasher. Good news! The easier, less time consuming option is also the more efficient one when it comes to using dishwashers. Washing by hand tends to use a lot more hot water, directly impacting your energy bills. Also while you’re at it, be sure to fully load the dishwasher before kicking it on.

Maintain Your HVAC System for the Best Savings!

Your furnace or heat pump accounts for nearly half of the energy used in your home—and in some cases more than that. Because of this, it is imperative that you ensure your system is up to snuff before the cold sets in.

Change your air filter (at least every couple of months), clean your vents, and be sure to schedule a professional HVAC maintenance visit with the team at Total Air & Heat! Our experts have the skill and knowledge needed to ensure your system is running at its best, saving you tons of money and stress, and even preventing costly and stressful heating system breakdowns.

Ready to get HVAC maintenance from top-class, certified professionals in Plano or Dallas, Texas? Contact us online today to set an appointment!

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