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How to Prep Your Air Conditioner for Spring

After a surprisingly brisk winter season for the Dallas area, you’re probably more than ready to feel the warm breeze of spring blowing your way. But can you say the same for your air conditioner? It’s been taking a really long nap, so you might need to help it get in order and prepared for the coming warmer weather. Find out how by following along with the cooling experts at Total Air & Heat!

Don’t forget to schedule your pre-season air conditioner tune-up! Contact the certified team at Total Air & Heat to set a date, or feel free to give us a call at 972-881-0020.

Why Prepping Your Cooling System Matters

You might be considering putting this off, or maybe just skipping the whole process. Don’t! Taking care of business now rather than later can save you a world of stress. You do not want to find out your system is working sluggishly, or not at all, on that first real scorcher of the season. Not to mention you gain a bunch of benefits by setting your system up for success, like energy-efficiency optimization, repair risk reduction, and more.

The Outdoor AC Unit

Take advantage of the next pleasant day to go around to your outdoor air conditioning unit. The objective here is simple and mostly involves a bit of cleaning, but be sure to:

  • Inspect the fins. Bent or clogged fins prevent the unit from dumping hot air, which can negatively impact performance and energy-efficiency. If the fins are bent you can straighten them using nearly any flat tool.
  • Remove any debris or dirt. Give the panels a good once-over with a stiff-bristle brush. Be careful to not bend any fins, but a clear panel will improve the system’s ability to remove heat.
  • Check the exposed suction line. This is the section that should have a length of black or grey rubber insulation running along a pipe going into your home. Check the insulation to ensure there are no cracks, breaks, or other signs of damage to avoid a potential AC overheat.

The Indoor AC Unit

Once you’re done outside come back in and settle yourself in front of the indoor unit. You can prep the indoor unit by:

  • Replacing your air filter. Air filters are inexpensive, easy to replace, and absolutely essential for your air conditioning and HVAC system. A good, clean filter promotes effective air flow, and can even help keep the air quality in your home a bit higher.
  • Clearing away dust and debris. Dust and dry debris presents a very serious risk of fire, so be sure to dust the unit off if it’s caked in gunk and mess.
  • Giving the unit a test run. Now it’s time to kick the system on and see how well it runs! It’s best to let the unit run for 30 or so minutes, so be sure to pick a day a little bit less chilly than what we’ve been having lately. Listen for any odd noises, be aware of weird odors, and check the supply and return vents for clear air flow.
  • Scheduling a tune-up. A professional air conditioning tune-up can not only ensure your system is ready to take on the rest of the season. It can also save you money and stress! The service is a key part of keeping components in good shape and electrical systems optimized.

Schedule Cooling Maintenance in Dallas Today!

Want your system to run at its best all spring and summer long? If so, the team at Total Air & heat is ready to help! We provide comprehensive tune-up and maintenance services that guarantee a stronger, more effective cooling unit, so give us a call or contact us online to set a date before summer strikes!

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