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5 Essential Tips to Prepare Your Air Conditioner for a Texas Winter

As Texas temperatures start to drop with the changing seasons, preparing your AC to hibernate for the winter is a good idea.

With a few simple steps, you can make sure your air conditioner is shut down and winterized properly—and that it will readily start back up when you need it next spring and summer.

5 Tips for Winterizing Your AC

To prepare your air conditioner for the chilly winter season in Texas:

Get Any AC Repairs You Need Now

Don’t shut down your system if it’s in disrepair. Putting off air conditioning repairs until next spring or summer can mean you won’t be able to rely on your cooling system when you need it again. Procrastinating AC repairs may also mean you’ll end up needing more costly repairs when you finally do call for service.

Shut Off Your Air Conditioner

Find the shut-off circuit and power down your system once you’re sure you’re done using it for the season. This circuit is usually by the outdoor unit (the condenser), and it has a simple on-off switch you can flip to shut the system down.

Clean the Condenser

Once you’ve shut your AC off, remove any debris that’s on the outdoor unit or within 3 feet of it. This includes twigs, leaves, and other debris. Next, use a hose to spray off the unit. This will remove bugs, dust, and finer debris that you may have overlooked or that you can’t get to because it’s inside the condenser. After spraying off the unit, let it completely dry before taking the next steps.

Cover the Condenser

This will prevent debris from entering the unit during the months ahead. While you can use a cover that’s specially designed for AC condensers, you don’t have to get that fancy here. You can also use a tarp and bungee cord or a piece of plywood topped with a concrete block to cover the top of the unit and protect it during the winter months.

Make a Plan to Regularly Check the Condenser

You’ll want to check for debris, removing anything that has accumulated near your system or on the cover. You’ll also want to check that the cover for your outdoor unit is still in place. While it’s smart to do this check after a storm, make sure you also have a routine for regularly inspecting it so that any minor issues can be fixed before they start to cause major problems.

As you go through the process of maintaining your AC for the winter, consider extending the maintenance process to your heating system so you can be confident that it’s ready to meet your comfort needs during the upcoming winter! The best way to do that is by scheduling heating maintenance service with Total Air & Heat.

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