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5 Essential Tips To Prepare Your Air Conditioner for a Texas Winter

Texas summers are too brutal to tolerate without central air conditioning, but your standing unit is prone to damage when temperatures dive in the opposite direction. Ice can puncture your coils, and snow can sneak between your fins. In severe cases, precipitation can bend your fins out of shape, preventing your system from ventilating itself. As the ice melts, it causes rust and dents, but you can take steps to protect your system from catastrophic damage. Defrost cycles, covers, and regular cleaning are just three of several winterization tricks.

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An outdoor condenser unit is covered in ice and snow

A Step-by-Step Guide for Preparing Your AC for a Texas Winter

Your outdoor air conditioner is exposed to wind-blown debris, ice, and precipitation that can destroy expensive components. It’s important to prepare yours for the coming season.

Winterize Before Winter Strikes

When snow and rain leak into your air conditioner, ice will swiftly follow, so it’s crucial to winterize your unit while the weather is still warm. This is the perfect time to schedule an inspection to ensure it’s in working condition.

Hose Away Debris

If you don’t deal with wind-blown leaves and clippings as they occur, they’ll prevent your compressor from moving air through your system. This will reduce its energy efficiency and cause overheating. If that debris is exposed to moisture, infestations, mildew, and rust will be swift to follow. Hosing your AC down will remove dirt before it has time to rot.

Turn Off Your System

You need to keep tight control of your AC during winter. If a warm day follows an icy night, your system might turn on automatically. This can prevent your evaporator from shedding heat, leading to total failure. It’s best to keep your AC outlets turned off until Spring.

Cover Your Condenser

Your condenser is expensive, so don’t expose it to everything the weather has to throw at it. A weatherproof cover allowing airflow will keep debris away without encouraging rust.

Brush Away Snow and Ice Promptly

Snow soon becomes water, which can leak into the smallest gaps in your condenser before refreezing. Remember to brush precipitation off your unit promptly before it has time to melt. Check your system for ice regularly and thaw it out before it damages the delicate parts of your components.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is best for covering an air conditioner?

Porous, breathable fabric will allow air to circulate through your system without trapping moisture. These covers are easy to source at your local hardware store, but avoid plastic. A wooden cover is another alternative. It’s not immune to moisture, but it will certainly prevent corrosion.

How do I get rid of ice in my AC in winter?

If ice has already made its way into your components, a heat gun or hair dryer can speed up your thaw. Stay away from mechanical removal with sharp tools. Condenser coils are delicate and could break.

How often should you run your AC in winter?

Most brands don’t recommend turning on an AC when temperatures exceed 60 degrees. Only use your system when it’s had a few days to eliminate ice buildup.

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Why Choose Total Air for All Your AC Maintenance?

Total Air and Heat is an award-winning HVAC company. We launched in 1957 and have remained a family business ever since. All three generations have developed their skills from a young age. Our team is accredited and must perform at least two manufacturers’ training courses annually to keep their knowledge current. With us, you’re always assured of the utmost skill.

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