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Heat Pump Services in Dallas & Plano, TX

Providing Reliable Heat Pump Installation, Replacement, Maintenance & Repair for Dallas & Plano Homeowners

Heat pumps are the perfect HVAC systems for homeowners in the Dallas, Texas area. These all-in-one heating and cooling systems keep you cool in the sweltering Texas heat and keep you warm during the mild winters. With our installation and repair services, you’ll never be more comfortable in your home! Whether you need an entirely new heat pump or just a few repairs for your existing one, you can call us for comprehensive, quick service. We are the leading heat pump experts in the Plano area.

Our team will keep your heat pump in top working order or assist you if repairs are needed on your existing unit. We are proud to offer superior service, honest value, and top-quality units at a reasonable cost.

Whether you need a new heat pump installed or an existing heat pump replaced, there’s only one name you need to know: Total Air & Heat. Contact us to schedule an appointment in the Dallas and Plano area by giving us a call at 866-442-2821.

Heat Pump Installation & Replacement Services in Plano

Heat pumps generally last around 14 – 15 years, so if yours is ending its lifetime, you should call Total Air & Heat for a heat pump replacement. Building a new home or upgrading from your existing window unit? You have choices when it comes to heat pumps!

We offer:

Standard heat pumps use ducts within your home’s walls to move air around. Ductless heat pumps can cool and heat your home without the use of ducts, and can be found in mini-split heat pumps and multi-split heat pumps. The size of your home, how many people are living in your home, and the condition of your walls and space are all factors to think about when considering heat pump installation.

Whatever the case, our trained specialists will help you along the way to choose the best Trane heat pump for you and your family, as well as offer up-front and honest pricing. We’re not happy unless you’re happy, so we’ll make sure your new heat pump installation or replacement works as efficiently as possible.

Ready for a new heat pump install in Dallas, Plano, or the surrounding area? Contact the professionals at Total Air & Heat today!

Heat Pump Repair in Dallas

You home should always be a comfortable place for you to return to. There’s nothing worse than getting off of a long day at work and coming back to a sweltering hot or freezing cold house. We get it, and that’s why our heat pump repair services are quick and thorough, so you’ll be back to living comfortably as soon as possible. You may need to consider heat pump repair in Dallas if you notice the following:

  • Overfrequency. If your heat pump is cycling on and off too often, or much more often than usual, it may need repairs.
  • Unchanged temperature. If your heat pump doesn’t respond to dramatic changes in temperature, it’s a good indication of a large issue.
  • Weak heating and cooling. If your pump seems to be having trouble dealing with its workload, it may lack the appropriate amount of refrigerant.
  • Heavy noise. You can expect some small measure of sound to be normal in the operation of the pump. But, if the sound is louder than normal, or the pump is making a noise you’ve never heard before, you should get heat pump repairs.
  • Spikes in utility costs. This could be any number of issues, some that have nothing to do with your heat pump at all! However, if you’re experiencing higher than usual heating and cooling costs, your unit may lack efficiency due to age.

Have you experienced any of these problems with your Dallas home’s heat pump? If so, contact us online or by phone at 866-442-2821!

Heat Pump Maintenance in Plano, Texas

Heat pumps are expected to last anywhere from 10 – 15 years, but without proper maintenance, your heating and cooling system will begin giving you trouble earlier than expected. Your heat pump is like a car. Repairs are much less expensive if a technicians spots the problem before it gets out of control. Regular service intervals allow Total Air & Heat’s trained personnel to spot trouble before it becomes a major expense, saving you money. Have you signed up for a maintenance plan yet? Regular maintenance on your heat pump will lengthen its life and make you more comfortable in the long run.

Check out our residential maintenance packages, and become part of our Total Air & Heat family!

Heat Pump Service in Dallas & Plano, Texas

At Total Air & Heat, we cut your costs as much as possible by going the extra mile in making sure our heat pump tune-ups, repairs, and installations nothing but top notch, and we lighten the financial burden even more by offering financing for heat pump services. Need skilled heat pump services? We’re the company to call. We guarantee a 24-hour response time anywhere in the area and guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our work!

Ready to make your home cool in summer and cozy in winter? Give us a call at 866-442-2821 for services all over the Dallas and Plano, Texas area.

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