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5 Warning Signs You Might Need To Replace Your Furnace

As a homeowner, you expect your furnace to keep your family warm and comfortable every winter. But how do you know for sure that your current unit will function properly and handle the coldest stretch of the season without an issue?

Your best bet is to contact a professional well before the temperatures drop. They’ll assess your furnace and tell you whether it can get the job done for another winter or if it makes more sense to upgrade your furnace.

Total Air is your trusted choice for furnace replacement in the Dallas area. Call 972-881-0020 to get started.


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Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Furnace

You may be wondering, “How do I know when I need a new furnace?” Consider replacing your furnace if you notice any of the following:

Uneven Heating

There’s nothing more frustrating than constantly having to adjust the thermostat during the winter. While you may not think much of it, this inconsistent heating may indicate a furnace that’s starting to lose its efficiency. The longer you ignore the uneven heat distribution, the worse it gets and the chillier your home will be.

Strange Noises

If you hear a popping, banging, squealing, or rattling noise coming from your vent, it’s likely a malfunctioning furnace. These sounds could mean it has a loose belt or faulty part, among other potential issues. Whatever the case, it’s critical to ask a professional if you need furnace repair or replacement.

Increased Electric Bills

The older your furnace, the harder it must work to heat your home. Unfortunately, that hard work translates to more energy used and higher energy bills. Many homeowners don’t realize they’re wasting hundreds of dollars every winter on an old, worn-out furnace.

Yellow Pilot Light

We often hear customers ask, “Should the flame on my gas furnace be blue?” Aside from the possibility of a slightly yellow tip, the answer is yes. However, if the flame is mostly yellow or orange, you have a serious problem at home. A yellow pilot light signals that your furnace isn’t creating the appropriate mixture of gas and oxygen, which could pose a dangerous situation for your family.

Recurring Repairs

Be honest with yourself: Has your furnace required extensive repairs in the last few years but still won’t work the way it’s supposed to? Then it’s probably time to invest in a new furnace. You’ll thank yourself later when you’re enjoying an energy-efficient heating system that isn’t always breaking down.

Give yourself peace of mind this winter with a new furnace. Call Total Air at 972-881-0020 for furnace replacement in Dallas.


Who To Call in Dallas and Plano for Your Furnace Replacement Needs

Total Air sets the standard for furnace replacement in the Dallas area. With over 60 years of experience, you can always count on our technicians for unmatched heating solutions. We’re a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer and even offer 24/7 emergency service.

At Total Air, we are not comfortable until you are. Schedule your furnace replacement in Dallas or Plano by calling 972-881-0020.

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