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Does a Gas Furnace Work Without Electricity?

Posted on: November 4, 2016

Ever wondered if your gas furnace system will just keep trucking along during a power outage? It’s a fair question, and it makes sense. After all, the fuel source is natural gas which stays pretty much uninterrupted barring intervention from your gas utility supplier. But unfortunately, the reality is a bit different. Why, you ask? The experts at Total Air & Heat can clue you in!

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Why Won’t Gas Furnaces Work During an Outage?

Essentially, your gas furnace won’t work during an outage because like nearly every other modern appliance, it at least has some parts that require access to electricity to operate. For example, the blower motor requires electricity. As does the control panel and the internal safety system, which is what will prevent your gas furnace from attempting to continue operation during an outage.

In fact, a system that tried to continue operating could be dangerous, and you should shut off your gas furnace in the event of an outage to prevent pilot flares that can spark a fire when the power kicks back on. But before you get sad about losing your access to comfortable heat, there is a really solid solution available!

Using Generator Power to Retain Heating Comfort in Plano

Your easiest solution is to secure a dedicated generator specifically home heating use. A generator will allow your heating system to operate nearly uninterrupted, which can be a massive boon on a cold winter night.

This is no DIY job. Your generator has to be strong enough to safely operate a gas furnace system. Even the slightest mistake can spell disaster, as an improperly installed generator can generate a lot more heat than you bargained for.

That being said, the job is a fairly simple one for a trained HVAC contractor and electrician. Contact your local favorite and have your system set up by experts, and you can rest assured that your comfort needs are covered even on the coldest, stormiest winter evenings.

Get Superior Gas Furnace Services in Plano with Total Air & Heat

With the right set up, a gas furnace system can provide you with some serious comfort that is outright hard to beat by pretty much any heating solution. Want to learn a little more about gas furnaces, and the benefits they can provide for your Texas home? Contact the experts at Total Air & Heat today! Our professionals are always glad to help, and we can assist you with all of the top-tier care and service you deserve.

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