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Improve Comfort & Reduce Cooling Costs

Summer has certainly made itself comfortable this year. Just not the residents here in Plano! We’ve been seeing some serious heat already, and there’s a good bit more to come before we see that fall cool-off. The season can take its toll, even on the hardiest of homeowners—both on your comfort level and on your wallet.

At Total Air & Heat, our certified specialists are fully dedicated to bringing you the best service we can provide. This goes for traditional services like air conditioner repair and maintenance, but it goes for good old information as well. Looking for ways to stay comfortable and keep your monthly energy costs down? We can help!

Simple Tips for Keeping Comfortable

In this case, staying cool and comfortable goes hand-in-hand with reducing your utility costs. These tips are quick, easy, and can end up saving you tons of stress this summer season:

  • Shield your home. Most of us quite enjoy some sunlight. It’s tied to the production of serotonin, the “feel good” neurotransmitter that has been tied to improving mood and reducing stress. But from a comfort standpoint, you might want to limit your sun exposure to outside activities. Letting in the sun also lets in thermal energy, which directly translates to heating up your home! In fact, a room is on average anywhere from two to ten degrees hotter when directly exposed to sunlight; so draw your curtains and put down those blinds!
  • Make use of fans. Ceiling fans and floor fans both can make you feel a whole lot better and the cost of operating them is considerably cheaper than air conditioning. Each degree you kick up your cooling system increases its energy usage by around six or seven percent. Now, fans don’t literally make a room cooler. But they do help your body rid itself of heat by improving the body’s natural ability to draw off heat. This means while the actual temperature might stay the same, the perceived temperature will be much lower.

Tips for Reducing Cooling Costs

These tips tie directly in with the performance of your system. An air conditioner working optimally provides better comfort and provides it at a lesser cost! To maximize your benefits, be sure to:

  • Replace your air filter. During peak seasons, your system is on pretty much all the time. And while it’s making your home feel a lot better, it’s drawing in tons of dust and pollen from the outdoor air, which will eventually come to rest in the filter. A bogged down filter will kill your system’s air flow and drastically drop efficiency. Here in Plano, it’s best to replace your filter monthly!
  • Check the fins on your outdoor unit. Bent or blocked fins can keep your system from pushing hot air out of your home. And can even cause some serious repair issues, including causing your unit to literally freeze! Clear the outdoor unit of leaves and grass regularly with a stiff broom or brush and be sure to straighten fins if they’ve become bent by crazy weather or an aimless stick or branch.
  • Seek routine maintenance. For ensuring the components in your system are in the best condition possible and to improve the overall effectiveness and efficiency of your system, absolutely nothing beats professional maintenance. Be sure to schedule your tune-up right away if you haven’t yet!

Keep Cool for Less with AC Services by Total Air & Heat

When the summer heat is upon us, you need a reliable cooling system that will maintain the comfort levels in your home. Total Air & Heat’s expert team works hard to ensure you and your family remain comfortable all summer long. We guarantee a 24-hour response time anywhere in the area and guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our work! For reliable air conditioner installationmaintenance, and repair, you can count on us!

Ready to make your home a cool retreat for the summer? Give us a call at 972-881-0020 for services all over the Dallas, Texas area.

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