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Do I Need a Mini-Split or Multi-Split Air Conditioner?

Spring is coming in pretty quick around here, and it might be time to consider installing a new cooling system for your home. Wondering where to start? What’s new, and what works best for you? If so, the certified HVAC experts at Total Air & Heat have got you covered.

When it comes to choosing the right air conditioning system for your home in Plano, it’s pretty much the best option to just learn as much as you can about each system. Finding what works best for you is all about matching the right benefits and functions to your wants and needs. Today, we’ll be tackling exactly that, and specifically for an up and coming top choice: ductless mini-split (and multi-split) air conditioning systems.

What Is a Ductless System?

We’ll start with the term “ductless,” since it actually applies to both of the systems we’re talking about today. When we say ductless, the term is quite literal. How is this possible? Well, rather than a bunch of big clunky ducts, your ductless system uses copper tubing and wires to make the connection from the indoor to the outdoor units.

Ductless systems still, in essence, work in much the same way as a traditional central system, utilizing refrigerants to cool homes effectively. But it just does it, of course, without the use of ducts. There are some additional (fairly big) advantages to going ductless, which we’ll get to as we talk about each system.

What Is a Mini-Split System?

When taken as a specific term, “mini-split” is basically the designation of a ductless system. It is a system that utilizes an outdoor unit, which you would be somewhat familiar with upon seeing it, and an indoor unit that can be installed along walls or other areas.

These systems are very effective at cooling smaller spaces or single rooms in the home, and are often installed in auxiliary to existing cooling systems in order to adequately cool areas of the home that your central or heat pump system can’t quite accommodate.

What Is a Multi-Split System?

Multi-split is a less-often used term currently, though that’s mostly for ease of name recognition. Put simply, a multi-split is still a mini-split system, just with more indoor units. A multi-split system has as many indoor units as you want, basically, anywhere from three to five even! This allows for what we call zoning, meaning each indoor unit is controlled by a separate thermostat, allowing you to cool each area independently.

Multi-split systems are suitable for cooling entire homes, and the zoning capability allows for huge savings in efficiency costs. Not to mention, they’re just convenient and very good at allowing you to customize your comfort exactly.

Why Choose to Go Ductless?

What exactly does all of this bring to you and your home? Well, the benefits, we are happy to say, are pretty big!

  • Increased energy-efficiency. Ductless cooling is rated very highly for efficiency, offering you a solution that can provide flawless home comfort control at a lower cost than traditional systems.
  • Better air quality. Since they don’t use ducts, these systems don’t push around dust and dander. Additionally, they make use of a double-filtration system, helping to keep your home air clean.
  • Improved flexibility. Home can’t support ducts? Want indoor units that are easy to hide? Prefer to keep your bedroom warmer, and living room like an icebox? You can do all of these things and more!
  • And more!

Contact Total Air & Heat for Ductless Air Conditioning Services in Dallas & Plano, Texas

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