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Pre-Season AC System Check

The heat is really starting to pick up here in Dallas, but we all know quite well that it’s just getting started! Pretty soon the streets are going to bake and we’ll be feeling that typical summer sting. Is your cooling system ready to take on the worst? If not, the experts at Total Air & Heat have some tips to get you prepared.

Why Is Pre-Season Maintenance Important?

Primarily, maintenance aims to satisfy a few important goals regarding your comfort throughout the summer. First off, it helps get your system ready by checking for any issues that may have cropped up—no one likes a mid-season breakdown! And two, it helps to ensure your system works more efficiently, too, bringing you a lot more cooling “oomph,” and reducing the unsightly energy bills we can encounter around here.

It’s all about preparedness and prevention, helping you to be as equipped as possible for a comfortable, easy summer here in Dallas.

Why Should I Schedule AC Maintenance Before Summer?

The goals of professional maintenance, as we mentioned above, are to help you get the most out of your cooling. As such, it stands to reason that doing it as early as possible is the best way to get that done! Getting service in spring prevents summertime breakdowns, keeps your costs to a minimum at the start, and helps to get the strongest, optimized cooling that your system can manage.

If you need a AC repair service, or if your system is bogged down and running sluggishly, you want that addressed now rather than later. Not to mention it’s just much easier to get prompt service in the off season, when HVAC teams aren’t bogged down with calls from the folks that didn’t get service in time.

Your Pre-Season Checklist: Things You Can Do on Your Own

Aside from seeking professional service, there are also some things you can do to power up your cooling unit yourself, too. In prep for the coming heat waves, do these:

  • Change your air filter. The air filter is responsible for healthy air flow, as well as protecting your HVAC system against clogs of harmful and dangerous dust. Plus, you get an air quality boost, too! Be sure to change your filter at the top of every season, and for the best results keep it changed every month or two, since we deal with loads of dust and allergens around here.
  • Clean your outdoor unit of debris. Freeing the fins of your outdoor unit of plant matter and dirt helps to optimize healthy air flow, as well as improving thermal transfer (getting heat out of your home). A water hose and stiff brush are all that are needed here, and ten minutes could save you tons on energy costs.
  • Check your thermostat. Give your system a quick test if you haven’t already (although the odds are good that your AC is already on!). Is it reading accurately, and responding to input promptly? If so, good!
  • Dust off the indoor unit. This is more of a safety measure for you and your home, since dust all over the unit can be dangerous, and lead to house fires. Dust in large amounts is very combustible, and it’s best to just clear it away now before it piles up.

Air Conditioning Maintenance in Dallas & Plano

Why wait? Make sure your home’s cooling system is ready to take on the high temperatures Mother Nature loves to throw our way. Believe us when we say that you don’t want to find yourself without a working air conditioner when the temperatures are more than 100 degrees! With regular maintenance you can rest assured knowing you’ve taken all the necessary precatuions to keep your air conditioner in working order.

Call us at 972-881-0020 for more information on how you can take advantage of the Residential Energy Savings Agreement.

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