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Spring HVAC Maintenance Checklist

It’s warming up quick here in Dallas! Sure, we’ll get a nice, comfortable few weeks before the heat comes rolling in. But pretty soon you’re going to need to dust off that HVAC system and put it to work. You’ve probably heard us say preventative care is the number one way to avoid costly repairs and improve the overall performance of your machine, and the time has come to put that maintenance into motion!

The Importance of Preventative Maintenance

In case you haven’t heard anything about how important regular maintenance is for your system, let’s go over the benefits:

  • Reduced repair frequency.  The vast majority of repairs we handle (ninety percent or more, in fact!) could have been completely avoided with appropriate maintenance. This means maintenance saves you money and stress!
  • Reduced repair cost. On the odds that something does go wrong with your system mid-season, it’s likely to be a lesser, low-cost issue. Most high cost problems can be detected early by routine professional maintenance.
  • Improved efficiency. A properly maintained system is a happy system. This means you will get more comfort at less cost.
  • Improved air quality.  In Dallas and its surrounding areas, air quality is a legitimate concern. The air quality in your home has a lot to do with your personal health, and even overall mood! With a system that has been properly maintained, you’re guaranteed to have clean, allergen-free air circulating in your home.

Spring Maintenance Checklist: What You Can Do

So what steps can you take to ensure your HVAC system is up to snuff? Quite a bit:

  • Ensure all ducts, vents and passageways are free of dust and grime. The presence of these can reduce air quality, and make your system work harder than it needs to.
  • Check, clean and or replace your filter. A clean filter ensures your system only works as hard as it needs to, while a dirty one can drastically reduce efficiency and possibly increase the risk of costly repair.
  • Examine your thermostat for any visual issues. Is the digital read (if it has one) displaying properly? Does the temperature it is reading seem accurate?
  • Check the outdoor unit for leaves or debris. Clear any of this, and use a stiff brush to clear the vents as well.

Preventative Maintenance Checklist: What We Can Do For You

While there’s plenty for you to do, some things should be handled by your trusted HVAC service provider. Professional maintenance should be sought at a minimum of yearly, bi-annually being the better choice. Professional maintenance performed by Total Air & Heat professionals include:

  • Lubrication of moving parts (where applicable to avoid potential wear and component damage)
  • Check and calibration of thermostats
  • Check of wiring and all connections to ensure safety and maximum efficiency, as well as proper voltage testing
  • Check of refrigerant levels to ensure there is not too much, or too little
  • Inspection of part condition
  • Inspection of condensation system to avoid clogging and other common problems
  • And more!

Preventative HVAC Maintenance Plan in Dallas & Plano

In the Dallas, TX area, the weather can be unpredictable. If HVAC maintenance is neglected, you spend more on utility costs and major repairs. Your equipment may break down when you need it the most. When maintenance is neglected, it will void your warranty. Worst of all, neglected maintenance may put your family’s safety at risk.

If you don’t currently have a maintenance plan for your heating or AC unit, you should contact Total Air & Heat to get one set up immediately.

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