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Tips to Keep Your Home Comfortable in the Dallas Heat

Posted on: July 12, 2016

The hot just keeps pouring on this season! Except we’ve moved right past the word “hot” and gone on to stronger terms. Like sizzling. Scorching. Blazing, even. When it starts to get this gross out, relief can be hard to come by. A strong, dependable air conditioning system is nearly a must, but even then you might find yourself struggling a bit. So how do you stay comfortable in spite of all the mess?

At Total Air & Heat, we’re all about solutions! We’ve been providing them through superior HVAC service for years, after all. But sometimes solutions can come from a sharing of important information. Safety and comfort are critical in the dead of a Texas summer, and we want to do all we can to help our patrons cope.

Staying Comfortable in Your Dallas Home

While in your home, you can mostly rely on your air conditioner to bring you the comfort you require. But it doesn’t hurt to give it all the help you can and you can keep from having to kick your system into “energy-guzzler” mode by taking some steps to reduce the heat on your own. To keep it cool in your home:

  • Keep the vents open. A few of you might be tempted to pop a few vents closed. Especially in rooms that aren’t being used. But while it seems like this would provide more cooling power to the rooms with open vents, in actuality it creates an issue with the pressure levels of your AC. Your initial installation was designed to accommodate a certain square footage and operate at specific air pressure levels. Closing vents can harm this process and the result can be lower efficiency and actually much warmer air coming from your system.
  • Maintain a reasonable temperature range. It’s a real temptation to drop your AC down to the lower temp ranges when the heat gets like it is. But widening the discrepancy between the outdoor air and your indoor AC’s thermostat sees very poor returns, at a super-high cost. It’s not worth it, and often enough you could wind up with some serious damage to your system! We’re happy to provide repair services, but you’d probably rather avoid it where you can.
  • Seek solace from the sun. We’ve mentioned this a few times, but closing the blinds and curtains in your home during the day can keep your home much cooler. Blocking thermal energy (sunlight) can help drop the temperature in rooms by multiple degrees all its own—a worthy action if there ever was one!
  • Make use of fans. Direct contact with moving air helps you wick away uncomfortable moisture and helps your body rid itself of heat. For the best results, make use of both ceiling and floor fans. But keep in mind that fans only make you feel more cool when you’re in the room—there is no need to waste energy by running the fans when no one is home!
  • Stay hydrated! Without adequate hydration your body can quickly begin to overheat. In hotter weather, it’s wise to drink regularly. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty! By then, you’re already feeling some effects of dehydration and are probably feeling a lot hotter. To get the most out of your hydrating beverages, avoid things heavy in sugar. The “fast burn” of carbohydrate calories can raise your internal temperature rapidly, and can leave you feeling sluggish. Cool water is best, followed by sugar-free options and sports drinks.

Keep Cool with AC Services in Dallas & Plano

When the summer heat is upon us, you need a reliable cooling system that will maintain the comfort levels in your home. Total Air & Heat’s expert team works hard to ensure you and your family remain comfortable all summer long. We guarantee a 24-hour response time anywhere in the area and guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our work! For reliable air conditioner installation, maintenance, and repair, you can count on us!

Ready to make your home a cool retreat for the summer? Give us a call at 972-881-0020 for services all over the Dallas, Texas area.

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