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6 Benefits of Furnace Maintenance

Does your HVAC contractor practically nag you about ensuring you get routine maintenance for your home heating and cooling systems? If so we’re not surprised, and in fact we do the same for our clients. Because of this we get asked all the time “what are the benefits of HVAC maintenance?” Folks want to know what makes this seemingly routine service so important, and we’re more than happy to give you the answers. Follow along with Total Air & Heat while we detail the biggest perks of routine service.

Did you schedule your fall pre-season furnace maintenance this year? If not go ahead and schedule your tune-up today!

The Advantages of Routine Furnace & Heating Maintenance

The nature of a tune-up and maintenance service is to be proactively preventative and to offer your system optimizations that ensure it performs at its peak all throughout the season. But we understand that tossing out the word “peak performance” can mean pretty much anything.

When we say the perks are big, we’re talking about:

  • More effective home heating. Home heating needs to be more than just strong. It also has to be even. Cold spots are hugely frustrating, and a properly maintained heating system should never create any. This is because the cleaning and calibrations a specialists will perform improves air flow and temperature detection, leading to more thorough heat.
  • Lower energy and fuel costs. Systems in peak working order have to work less hard and for lesser amounts of time in order to get the job done. Good news for your furnace, but even better for you, because when it has to work less it also needs to use less fuel or energy, meaning direct savings in your pocket.
  • A system that lasts a lot longer. Furnaces and heat pumps—they’re both necessary, but none are cheap. When you install a heating system in Dallas you want it to last as long as possible. Systems that get a routine tune-up last an average of five years longer than those that don’t!
  • A heating unit that rarely if ever breaks down. Not only is a breakdown annoying, it’s also expensive. Ideally you want to deal with as few as possible and when you get maintenance frequently you can turn that ideal scenario into a reality. Cleaning and parts checks prevent the vast majority of repair issues we commonly encounter.
  • Improved home air quality. Yes a tune-up even gives air quality a boost! This is because a solid portion of the dust, debris, mold, and pollen that winds up in your home will end up being cycled into the HVAC system. There it sits, blowing cakes of nasty air into the house until it’s cleaned out, which is a part of a standard tune up.
  • Risk prevention. Many furnace problems are obnoxious but fairly harmless overall. But electrical issues are another story and can be a huge risk to both home and health. Connection checks are an important part of a professional service and help to prevent the worst from happening to your home.

Schedule Furnace Maintenance in Dallas, Texas

Think the service is starting to sound pretty dandy? We think so, too! For the best results be sure to schedule service for your heating system annually, or seek out a performance agreement plan with your trusted HVAC professionals.

Want to gain the perks of a full-service maintenance visit with Total Air & Heat? Contact us online to get started!

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