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6 Signs You Need Emergency AC Repair

Posted on: May 19, 2017

Nearly everyone in Plano has had an air conditioning problem once or twice. But while they’re nothing new, not all problems are the same. Should you call in for a routine repair service, or do you have an air conditioning emergency on your hands? It can be hard to tell! But you don’t have to find out on your own. Today the experts at Total Air & heat come to you with our leading reasons to call in for emergency AC repair.

The 6 Biggest Indicators of an AC Emergency

Before we get started, let us say that any time you’re uncomfortable in your home, hot, or tired of dealing without, we would classify it as an emergency. Dallas and Plano homeowners are fighting against some serious heat, and you don’t have to put up with sub-par cooling. So don’t!

  1. Unusual air conditioner noises. This take sour top spot because if your system makes strange noises, you’ll know it right away, but you may not know you’ve got an emergency on your hands. Odd sounds are always one component or another that has become damaged, and if the problem is ignored, you’ll be calling for AC replacement instead of repair!
  2. Warm or hot air from the vents. Blocked air flow can happen anywhere in your cooling system—from the filter to the ducts. The result is often weak air or air that gets hot rather than cold. Leaving the problem alone can lead to complete breakdowns, so be sure to call for emergency service if this happens to you.
  3. Ice forming on your system. More typically on the evaporator coil, to be specific. You’ll likely spot this one first by noticing water puddling under the AC unit, and this issue will need a priority repair before you start seeing cool air from your system again.
  4. Strange electrical occurrences. Sudden breaker trips that coincide with your cooling system cycling on is a sign that there is something seriously wrong with your system’s electrical components. HVAC systems draw massive amounts of power, and if something is wrong here it can present serious hazards.
  5. Hot spots in your home. A proper cooling system should be capable of banishing all of the hot spots in your home (unless you left a window open somewhere!). If your system fails to do so, the odds are good that a major component needs attention.
  6. Foul, melty plastic odors. The smell of burnt wiring is distinct and nearly impossible to miss. If you smell burnt wiring in your home, you need service immediately. Shut down the cooling system entirely and give an emergency professional a call right away. This issue carries a very real risk of electrical fire and can be disastrous to your entire Plano home.

24-Hour Emergency Service with Total Air & Heat in Texas

When you have an emergency problem, you need a priority solution! Our emergency service team is always available to meet your service needs, and offers complete air conditioner services, including AC repair and AC replacement. When you need professionals that put your needs above all else, you can always trust Total Air & Heat! Contact our team today.

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