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Is Your HVAC System Impacting Your Allergies?

Posted on: April 26, 2017

In the Dallas area we deal with a lot of issues during the spring and summer seasons. It’s HOT with a capital on all three letters, for one. But just as big of an issue, if not bigger for some, is our air quality! The outdoor air around here is dense with dust and allergens, leaving many of us loaded down with allergy symptoms and health issues. But as bad as the outdoor air can be, did you know that your indoor air might be just as bad, if not worse?

Follow along with the air quality specialists at Total Air & Heat while we detail the common causes for heavy allergies and poor air quality in your home!

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Can My HVAC System Impact Home Air Quality?

Very much so, actually. You see, the big issue with in-home air is that we get a lot of things coming in, but there’s really nowhere for it to go once it gets there. Consequently you can have mountains worth of dust, pollen, and mold that just builds up all over the HVAC system, and then gets blown into your home.

These allergens and pollutants can get jammed up all over your home, including in carpets, on furniture, in drapes—but the potentially biggest offender here is actually your cooling system. Debris winds up in:

  • Ducts
  • Air filters
  • Indoor and outdoor unit compartments
  • Ventilation
  • And more!

If you’re having a lot of trouble with allergies in your home this season, then there’s probably a good reason. And there are good odds that the reason is your HVAC system!

How Do I Improve Home Air Quality?

First off, there are lots of little fixes and easy solutions you can do all on your own, which we recently addressed in another post. Take a look! You’ll learn some cool tips for sure. But today, we’re going to focus on products and services that help with air quality, including:

  • Air filtration. Air filtration systems, also called air cleaners, remove debris from home air by way of specific filtration methods. These are a proven solution that have been in wide use for years, and do an excellent job of reducing and removing dust, pollen, mold spore, and smoke.
  • Purifiers. Air purifiers like a UV light purification system aim to eradicate rather than remove, using safe forms of UV-C radiation to destroy harmful particles. They’re perfect for dealing with bacteria, mold spores, funky home odors, VOCs, and similar issues.
  • HVAC maintenance. Routine, professional tune-up services can do a lot for air quality, too! The comprehensive cleaning provided by an equipped HVAC team removes massive amounts of built up dust and grime, removing them from your home cycle.

Air quality problems are exceedingly common here in Dallas, but you needn’t stress. Air quality tech has advanced tremendously in recent years, and now it’s simply all about finding the perfect solution to meet your specific needs!

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