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The Ideal Thermostat Settings To Save Money in the Texas Heat

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With the intensity of the Texas sun, our summers are frequently reaching temperatures that are 90 degrees and up. While the obvious answer to combat the heat is to run your air conditioner, this can start to add up in energy costs, especially when the heat wave shows no signs of stopping. So, how can you balance your comfort with the costs? The experts at Total Air & Heat can help. In this blog, we cover one of the most critical factors that influence your utility costs: your thermostat setting.

Why Does the Temperature I Set My Thermostat Matter?

On average, a single degree on your thermostat can be roughly equated to a 6% to 12% increase in the power your system consumes in order to get the job done. Primarily this is due to how long your AC system runs. For example, if your thermostat is set to 70 degrees, your air conditioner will have to run for a much longer period of time to hit that goal than it would if your thermostat was set to 80 degrees.  

What’s the Ideal Thermostat Setting?

Unfortunately, there’s no one right answer for thermostat settings, as this will vary from home to home and depend largely on your comfort tolerance. The kind of system you have and the efficiency of the system also come into account. If you have an outdated or inefficient air conditioner, it will cost more to run. So, you’ll be paying more to keep your home at the same temperature than someone with a more efficient unit.

If you are looking for an “ideal” setting, most experts recommend 78 degrees. This may seem warm, but compared to the outdoor temperatures, your home should feel cool and refreshing. If you still find yourself too warm, you can turn it down a few degrees, but if you can handle a higher temperature, you can save more money by setting your thermostat to 79 degrees.

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that adjusting your thermostat dynamically can yield excellent results as well. If you are going to be away from your home for at least a few hours, bump your setting up by two or so degrees. This can help save you money, since you’re not wasting energy cooling an unused space.

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Upgrade to a Programmable Thermostat

Don’t want to stress over turning the thermostat up and down all day long? There’s a better solution! Programmable thermostats are a great upgrade to your home that can both help keep you cool and also save you money. You can schedule a temperature routine so that it automatically adjusts the temperature when you’re away at work, overnight, etc. They also offer energy reports, remote settings controls, and some of the higher-end thermostats can even learn your preferences and set their own smart routines tailored to saving you energy.

Extra Tips for Keeping Cool

Your thermostat isn’t the only way you can save money. Consider some of these tips to help make the temperature in your home more bearable:

  • Use your ceiling fans: Set your fans to run counterclockwise in the summer so that it pushes air directly downward. The cool air on your skin creates an evaporative action, reducing the temperature feel in your rooms by multiple degrees.
  • Change up your wardrobe: If you depend on polyester tees and synthetic cloth, stop it! Cotton and linen breathe far better, helping you stay cool and comfortable.
  • Upgrade to a more efficient AC system: Though it is certainly an investment, it’s one worth considering. A new high-efficiency cooling system can help you save significantly on energy costs over time. 

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