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5 Reasons to Replace Your System If It’s 10 Years Old or Older!

Posted on: October 6, 2020

It’s easy to forget about your heating and cooling system. You rely on it to keep your home warm and cool appropriately, and every day it does its job well. Yet every day, it’s also developing increased wear and tear as it does that job. Soon, you’re going to have to think about replacement. If your system is 10 years old or older, now is the time to start thinking about that replacement. Here are five reasons why you need to replace now, instead of later.

1. Repair Costs Are Going Up

After an HVAC system reaches 10 years, it can start suffering from frequent breakdowns. The breakdowns can become increasingly serious in nature. This can drive up your repair costs. Eventually, you will reach a point where it doesn’t make sense to keep pouring money into a system that isn’t going to deliver very many more years of service.

2. A Serious Breakdown May Be Looming

Sadly, if your system is 10 years old or older, it may be on the verge of a serious breakdown. Some breakdowns are beyond the scope of repair, leaving you with an HVAC emergency. HVAC emergencies never happen at convenient times, so planning for replacement now instead of waiting for a breakdown later is always a better idea.

3. Your Home Is Getting Uncomfortable

Often, older systems can’t keep up with the demands of their homes. You may start noticing hot or cold spots or rooms that never seem to be comfortable. This is often due to HVAC system problems. Improper installation or an improperly sized system can lead to this issue. If you are paying to run an HVAC system, you deserve to feel comfortable. Replacing the system may improve your comfort.

4. Your Energy Bills Are Going Up

The longer a system runs, the less efficient it becomes. As parts wear out over time, they stop working as efficiently as they once did. New technology makes modern HVAC systems much more efficient than their predecessors as well. Many of today’s systems carry the ENERGY STAR label, which can help you save significantly on your heating and cooling costs.

5. CO Leaks May Be Common

Carbon monoxide is a serious health risk. Older systems can develop heat exchanger cracks. These can go unnoticed and allow small amounts of CO to leak into your home. Sometimes these levels are low enough that your CO detector doesn’t notice them, but they can still cause health issues. If you have an older system, keep a CO detector nearby, but consider replacing it to avoid this risk.

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Clearly, older HVAC systems are something that could cause problems for your family and budget. Planning for replacement instead of being forced into it because of a breakdown is always better for your sanity and your budget. If you are ready to start planning for replacement, Total Air & Heat is ready to help.

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