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Spooky Sounds Your Furnace Is Making

Does your furnace creep you out will all manner of noises and sounds echoing through the vents? Do you dread the possibility of ghosts and goblins haunting your home—or worse, a serious problem with your furnace that’s going to cost a lot to fix? Today, we’ll look at the various geists, monsters, devils, and maintenance issues making all that racket this October.


There are quite a few beasties that make scraping noises, but relatively few maintenance issues. So if you hear metal rubbing, nails on a chalkboard, or similar noises, it’s probably either the blower wheel or a monster trying to get into your home. A blower wheel making noise may indicate a minor problem, like it came loose, or a serious problem, like a broken component.

Either way, turn your system off and call a professional for furnace repair!

Bangs & Pops

Bangs and popping noises when you first turn on your furnace can come from a lot of sources. Dirty burners can lead to a delay in ignition, which means more gas gets ignited at once than ought to. The noises can also stem from metal ducts expanding and contracting as air flow starts and stops or the metal gets heated and cools.

Bangs and pops not related to maintenance issues usually aren’t a big deal monster-wise, as no self-respecting ghost or goblin would ever ‘pop.’ Alien spores, pods, and eggs being the exception.

Squeals & Whines

High pitched noises like this usually relate to your blower assembly and stem from problems with the belt, inadequate lubrication of moving parts, or trouble with the motor. These aren’t a big deal in most cases, but you shouldn’t ignore them completely; make sure your HVAC professional takes care of it during your next maintenance if one is soon, or have someone drop by if it’s going to be a while before your next checkup.


Clicks usually come down to thermostat problems or trouble with the ignition system. That, or a passive-aggressive specter clicking its tongue at you. One of those two things. If it’s a problem with your thermostat or ignition, you’ll want someone to come take a look at it because inconsistent starting and temperature management will wear your furnace down at an accelerated pace.


Rattling sounds could indicate a loose component inside your furnace being blown or pushed around, or it could be the sound of bones hidden there by a murderous furnace repairman years ago. Either way, you’ll want someone to come by and make sure whatever is rattling around in there isn’t broken or about to break.


This usually isn’t a malevolent spirit trying to escape through your furnace. More often, it’s an advanced variation of the bangs and pops from earlier, caused by a slow ignition setting off more fuel at once than you’d like. This can be caused by a buildup on the burners. It can also be indicative of leaks and other serious problems. Either way, this one needs attention immediately; even the most benign source of booms can damage your furnace severely.

Fall Furnace Repair with Total Air & Heat

If you’d like to inquire about a specific noise you’re hearing from your furnace, or you’re ready to schedule a maintenance visit, contact us today! If you’re worried about ghosts, goblins, and monsters, you should probably call someone else.

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