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HVAC Service Inspections in Dallas & Plano

Are you planning on a big move in the near future? Moving into a new home is a great time to experience new and exciting changes in your life. That is, provided it comes equipped with a suitable HVAC system. Ensure your new home’s existing HVAC system is up to the task of meeting your needs with an HVAC service inspection with Total Air & Heat!

Our family-owned business has been providing superior services and solutions to our patrons for over sixty years, and the experts at Total Air & Heat are second to none! Your needs are always our top priority, and we’re never satisfied until we’re sure a project has been done, and done right.

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What Is an HVAC Service Inspection?

This service is geared to assisting homeowners in assessing the health, capability, and dependability of heating and cooling systems installed in new or older homes. Moving is a major investment, and it’s integral to your comfort and success to understand where you stand with the equipment existing in your home.

Our experts will perform comprehensive checks and inspections, looking for possible concerns or potential hazards lurking in your new home’s heating, cooling, and ductwork. Once the inspection is complete, our specialists can advise the best ways to move forward if issues have been found, and provide the most effective solutions to meet your needs.

Who Benefits from a Service Inspection?

Honestly, anyone who is in the process of, or is about to purchase a home. This is regardless of whether the home has been around for decades, or even if it has been built recently. A new home doesn’t necessarily guarantee a fully operable HVAC system! The system itself may have been old at the time of installation, or it could be incorrectly sized or installed, which can lead to major operational issues in the near future. If you’re planning a move in the near future, be sure to understand all aspects of your investment!

Are There Additional Benefits to a Service Inspection?

Yes! Aside from cluing you in on the basics, a service inspection will benefit you in numerous ways:

  • Clear, precise information. If there are issues with your HVAC system, you need to know before you’re roped into buying a home. With a comprehensive inspection, you’ll know how old your system is, an estimate of how well it will run throughout the year, and what you can expect in the future.
  • Maximize your investment’s potential. If causes for repair are found, they can be handled quickly and effectively by our experts. This means you can ensure your system runs optimally, giving you the most return on your new property as possible.
  • Get better future HVAC service. Getting to know your system is great for you, but it’s great for our experts as well! When the inspection is complete, our specialists have a clear understanding of your unique system, making future repairs and maintenance easy and stress free for you!

Ensure Optimal Performance in the Future with Total Air & Heat

Be sure to follow up with our comprehensive professional maintenance once you’re settled into your new home! Routine maintenance brings you higher energy efficiency, reduced frequency of repair, and an improved lifespan for your HVAC system.

Contact Total Air & Heat today for the best heating and cooling solutions in Dallas! You can make your appointment online, or reach us over the phone at 972-881-0020.

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