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Choosing Your Home’s AC Unit

Picking the Right Sized Air Conditioner for Your Dallas, Texas Area Home

They say that everything is bigger in Texas, but when it comes to your home’s air conditioning system, that’s not always a good thing! When you think about new air conditioning installation, you may know to look for qualities like a high SEER and automatic settings. But have you ever considered whether or not your unit is the wrong size for your Plano area home? When we install a new AC unit in your home, we always want to make sure you have the right size, otherwise you may see the difference in your monthly energy bill.

At Total Air & Heat, we feel it’s our responsibility to not only provide exceptional service backed with top of the line technology and experience, but for our consumers to understand why. So, why do you need a properly sized unit?

If you have any questions about your air conditioner, contact us! We’ve been installing air conditioners throughout Dallas and Plano, Texas for more than 50 years!

Problems With Undersized Air Conditioners

A unit too small for your home’s needs comes with a few very practical problems, a few of which are obvious, and a few which are a bit less so.

  • Excessive workload. A unit that is too small means it has to run practically 24/7 to keep up with demand, using excessive energy to get the job done (if it can get the job done at all).
  • Increased cost. Your smaller unit might be costing you in utilities by running too hard for too long.
  • Wear and tear. A unit that is chugging to keep up can come across a slew of maintenance issues, not the least of which is dying out long before its time.

Problems With Over-Sized AC Units

You may think that a huge AC unit would be great, providing you with ample power to get your home cool, but there are some pretty demonstrative downfalls to an over-sized unit.

  • Humidity. Your air conditioning unit does more than one job. Beyond properly cooling your home, it removes moisture from the air, keeping your home feeling cooler. The problem with this is it takes some time. The longer your unit runs efficiently, the better job it does of removing humidity from the air, and a larger unit doesn’t need to run long at all. In fact, it won’t run long enough, making your home cool and moist, leaving residents feeling clammy and uncomfortable.
  • Wearing down. Similar to undersized units, over-sized ones can wear themselves down rapidly by starting and stopping so frequently. An appropriately sized unit is all about balance, and a huge clunker of a machine cuts on and off frequently which wears down components rapidly.

Signs Your AC Units Is the Wrong Size

Not sure if your Plano area home’s air conditioner is the right size? We’ve compiled a list of warning signs to watch out for. Your air conditioner might be the wrong size if it:

  • Takes an excessive amount of time to completely cool the room
  • Never brings the room to a comfortable temperature
  • Causes your energy bills to be excessively high
  • Struggles to control the humidity in the room
  • Constantly turns on and off—known as short cycling

Have you noticed any of these signs? If so, contact Total Air & Heat for AC replacement in the Dallas and Plano area!

Determining the Right Size Air Conditioner

The capacity of your new cooling system should match the needs of your home, and this is what we’re actually referring to when we say “size”. This is found by taking the square footage of your space, and measuring it against the cooling power output of the air conditioning system (typically expressed in BTUs). For the most part this is handled by your HVAC contractor, but it’s important for you to understand your needs as well!

Sizing air conditioners that appropriately suit your needs is determined by the square footage of your home broken down between all of the rooms being cooled. This is done through breaking down each room in your home into a basic, readable shape, and then determining the size of the room in square feet.

From those numbers, we can assign a unit that is appropriate to the needs of the home, and we can ensure proper working run time and allocated power, leaving you with a unit that cools and dehumidifies, and with much better longevity than a poorly sized unit.

It is vitally important that your air conditioning system be the correct size to suit your needs. Too small, and the system simply won’t keep up. Too big, and you’re dealing with a system that cycles on and off before it ever gets the job done right—and both cases cause constant breakdowns and eventual early system replacement. To minimize cost and optimize your home comfort in Plano and Dallas, it’s all about the perfect fit.

When it comes to choosing a properly sized air conditioner for your Plano area home, you should leave it to the professionals. For unparalleled air conditioner installation services, contact Total Air & Heat today!

Air Conditioning Unit Installation in Dallas

With the typically hot and quite humid climate in our area, an appropriately sized unit becomes that much more important. Air conditioning in Dallas needs to be on point, and at Total Air & Heat we provide the best in the business. Our specialists are fully equipped and prepared to be the answer for all of your cooling needs.

Contact us today to discuss correct sizing, or for any of your other air conditioning installation needs in Dallas or Plano, Texas!

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