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Dallas Air Conditioning Services

As a homeowner in Dallas your number one priority is to stay comfortable and cool in your own home. And as we all know perfectly well, summer never makes it easy. Your cooling system needs to be efficient and powerful, and it always needs to be at the peak of condition. The service specialists at Total Air & Heat of Dallas make it a priority to ensure all of your cooling needs are covered, offering you comprehensive services that ensure even the hottest summer days can’t touch your comfort.

Our team is certified, licensed, and insured, providing you with complete access to a full array of air conditioner and heat pump services in Texas. Whether you’re looking for a fresh system installation or compete repair services in a time of stress, you’ll have all of the service you’ll ever need with our experts on your side.

For comprehensive air conditioner services in Northwest Dallas, Preston Hollow, Casa View, and all the surrounding neighborhoods in Dallas, Texas contact Total Air & Heat online!

Air Conditioner Installation in Dallas, Texas

A cooling system in Dallas, Texas has to be at the cutting edge of performance and design in order to keep up with our crazy high heat and constant summer sun. Trane AC systems can provide you the very best in quality and reliability, which is why we offer these systems to our Dallas clients.

We can match you with the perfect new AC system installation, expertly sizing and optimizing the system for peerless performance and cooling power. We take the installation process very seriously and work hard to ensure our service is top notch, never leaving you with less than perfect.

Dallas Air Conditioner Replacement Services

Is your cooling system simply sub-par, or do you often find yourself calling in for repair services over and over again ever summer season? If so we can understand that you’re quite stressed, and probably more than a little bit outside of your comfort zone. That’s why our team happily and heartily recommends top of the line AC replacements for our Dallas clients.

No more ducking into Bahama Beach Water Park or trying to keep your cool over at Meadows Museum—you’ll have nothing but perfect cooling quality right in your own home, as you should.

Dallas, TX Air Conditioner Repair

A cooling system that struggles to operate, makes odd noises, or sometimes decides to just shut down is absolutely unacceptable. Being left to the Texas heat for even an hour or two can leave you frustrated and unhappy in your own home, which is something we firmly believe should never happen. Our team wants to, and will, bring you the best in AC repair services. We offer solutions that are guaranteed to restore comfort and normalcy in your home as quickly as accurate service will allow.

Contact our Dallas air conditioner and cooling repair service team any time you notice:

  • Hot spots in your home, or uncomfortable rooms
  • High humidity levels in your home
  • Loud or odd sounds from the cooling unit
  • Burnt wiring odors from the AC
  • Higher than usual cooling costs

Air Conditioner Maintenance Services in Dallas

In an ideal world your air conditioner or heat pump system will simply never break down, and will always perform at the peak of its ability. That might seem like a pipe dream, but with the right services it’s a reality you can count on!

Routine annual cooling maintenance is a service that is designed to clean, calibrate, and tune-up your system. It’s perfect for maximizing cooling efficiency while avoiding common breakdown problems, and the service even keeps your warranty valid and extends the lifespan of your system.

Members of the Total Air & Heat family choose our Residential Energy Savings Agreement for better service, perfect maintenance, and even additional perks. Contact us today to find out more!

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