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Air Conditioning Services in Dallas, Texas

The Leading HVAC Contractor for Air Conditioner Installation, Maintenance & Repair in Dallas, TX!

We are the top-rated Dallas AC company, but don’t take our word for it! Check out our reviews and see what customers have to say about our air conditioning services. We cut your costs as much as possible by going the extra mile in making sure our tune-up, AC repair, and installation services are in excellent working order, and we lighten the financial burden even more by offering financing for air conditioning services.

Need air conditioning services “near me” in Dallas, or the surrounding areas? Contact Total Air & Heat to get started!

Air Conditioning Services in Dallas

The team at Total Air & Heat provides comprehensive air conditioning services in Dallas, such as:


Dallas Air Conditioning Installation

The best AC units can last anywhere from 15 to 20 years, so if yours is ending its lifetime, you should call Total Air & Heat for an air conditioner replacement in the Dallas metro area. Our air conditioning company installs:

Schedule air conditioner installation in the Dallas area by contacting our air conditioning company online!

Dallas Air Conditioning Replacement

If it comes time to replace your AC unit, we can offer you the best air conditioning replacement services possible to ensure you get a system that performs better for your home. It is our number one priority to ensure you get the top-class air conditioning services you deserve, and we won’t rest until you’re totally satisfied with your AC replacement.

Pro Tip: When selecting your replacement AC unit, look for the ENERGY STAR® and EnergyGuide labels—qualified central units are about 15% more efficient than standard models.

HVAC Financing for Dallas Homeowners

Getting a new heating or cooling system is a great thing – except it can cause a lot of financial stress. With Total Air, this doesn’t have to be the case. We’re proud to offer comprehensive financing options to help manage a payment plan for your new unit. A system breakdown is an unexpected life and financial event, so you can rest assured that Total Air will be a helping hand when it comes to paying for it.

Call Total Air today at 972-881-0020 to learn more about our financing options!

Expert AC Repair in Dallas

Any time you feel like something is wrong with your air conditioning system, call our air conditioning company and we’ll come out and diagnose the problem and fix it, if possible. If your air conditioner is beyond repairs, we’ll help you out with choosing a replacement model.

We offer:

Give Total Air & Heat a call at 972-881-0020 for unparalleled air conditioning services, including AC repair in Dallas, Texas.

Dallas AC Maintenance

AC repair is often preventable with an air conditioner maintenance check-up. Just like your car, your cooling system requires regular maintenance for reliable, energy-efficient operation. The manufacturer of your equipment, as well as your utility company, highly recommends maintenance be performed on your AC system at least once a year.

Have you signed up for a maintenance plan yet? Regular maintenance on your air conditioning unit will lengthen its life and make you more comfortable in the long run.

Check out our residential maintenance packages, and become part of our Total Air & Heat family! Contact us if you have any additional questions about air conditioner maintenance in Dallas!

Why Choose Total Air & Heat for Air Conditioning Services in Dallas, TX?

Our AC company has been providing heating and cooling services to clients across our Dallas service area for over half a century. We work hard to earn the trust of our clients, endlessly striving to make our services better, more effective, more responsive, and absolutely ideal to suit your every need. And our efforts have proven us an authority on air conditioning services in Texas!

Give us a call at 972-881-0020 for air conditioning services all over the Dallas, Texas area.

We also have a team of commercial HVAC contractors standing by for all of your commercial building comfort needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

A frozen indoor coil indicates that the refrigerant level is low, or the air filter is clogged. In either case, the coil will get colder & colder until the condensation on the coil turns to ice. This condition can be very harmful to the air conditioner and is a common cause of bad compressors. In the event of a freeze-up, turn the system off. Check the air filter. If the filter is not clogged, the air conditioner probably needs service.

The current law prevents the use of R-22 in NEW systems after 2010. The law also caps production of R-22, and will result in higher prices as supply tightens. R-22 should be available to service your air conditioner for some time to come, but it may be time to replace your air conditioner.

Temperature variations from room to room result when ductwork is incorrectly sized. In some cases, our technicians are able to rework the duct system to improve airflow. Another solution may be to replace the windows in a hot room with Low-E glass or have the existing windows tinted. The reduced sun load will cool the room and save energy.

Compressors fail for a number of reasons. One of the most common is burnout. In this situation, acid and burnt varnish are distributed throughout the system contaminating the indoor and outdoor coils and the refrigerant piping. This acidic oil is very difficult and costly to clean-up and will contaminate and shorten the life of the new compressor.

In a burnout situation, we recommend replacing the entire air conditioner (indoor, outdoor, and piping) to ensure the long life and reliability of the new system. If the compressor failure is due to broken valves, lightning strike, etc., compressor replacement is a feasible option. A homeowner should then consider the current age of the system, the energy saved by a new high-efficiency AC, and benefits of a new system warranty.

The main difference is that the mini-split system does not contain ductwork. Each indoor unit is placed with the space you want heated or cooled, and it’s possible to add more indoor units if you make additions to your home or business. Each indoor unit contains a fan to control the airflow within its own space, and it’s therefore a good option to homeowners who only want a few rooms cooled or heated.

A conventional heat pump places the indoor unit (air coil) inside the ductwork, typically downstream from an existing furnace if it exists. The mini-split uses no ductwork at all and is, therefore, more energy-efficient since no air gets trapped in the ducts.

Geothermal cooling uses the temperature of the earth to cool your home. The upper 10 feet of the earth's surface holds a stable temperature between 50° to 61°F (10° to 16°C). Coils are buried underground to draw heat energy out of it and transfer the cool temperatures into a warmer area.

There are two methods geothermal cooling can use to cool a home—water-to-air systems or water-to-water systems. Water-to-air systems replace your central air conditioner by using a liquid coolant to transfer the energy into the air that can then be transferred into cooler air. Water-to-water systems use liquid spread throughout the building in pipes, keeping the area at a stable temperature.

There is no easy answer to this question. It all depends on the structure of your home, your location, and your personal needs. If you have an older home, you may not be able to install extensive ductwork, and so a ductless system may work best. If half your family likes their bedroom cool while the other half likes it hot, you may want to use mini-split systems so each room can be set to a different temperature. If you have a newer, larger home, a central air conditioner may be the most efficient system for you to install.

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